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Taliban Surge Routs ISIS in Northern Afghanistan | The New York Times

More than 200 Islamic State fighters and their two top commanders surrendered to the Afghan government on Wednesday to avoid capture by Taliban insurgents, after a two-day battle that was a decisive victory for the Taliban, participants on all sides confirmed. One of the Islamic State commanders, Mufti Nemat, was reached by cellphone after his surrender, and he confirmed that ... Read More »

Report: Spy agencies suspect North Korea is building new missiles | Military Times

U.S. spy agencies suspect that North Korea is building new missiles in the same research facility that manufactured the country’s ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States, according to a recent report by The Washington Post, which cited officials who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to describe classified intelligence. These officials say new evidence, including satellite photos ... Read More »

Raid on Afghan school for midwives ended after several hours | FDD’s Long War Journal

A team of jihadists raided a school for midwives in Jalalabad, Afghanistan yesterday. The terrorists were finally subdued after several hours by security personnel, who took great care to limit civilian casualties. The Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack earlier today. Amaq’s account says the terrorists were inghimasis, or well-trained guerrilla fighters who ... Read More »

Islamic State kills 215 in southwest Syria attacks: local official | Reuters

Islamic State militants killed more than 200 people in a coordinated assault on a government-held area of southwestern Syria on Wednesday, local officials and a war monitor said, in the group’s deadliest attack in the country for years. Jihadist fighters stormed several villages and staged suicide blasts in the provincial capital Sweida, near one of the few remote pockets still ... Read More »

How U.S. intelligence agencies can find out what Trump told Putin | Politico

President Donald Trump’s insistence on holding a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin hobbled U.S. intelligence agencies that would usually get an intimate look at such a sit-down, but American spies still have extraordinary capabilities to piece together what was discussed. That’s in large part due to the existence of a top-secret U.S. collection service that specializes in tapping ... Read More »

Israel shoots down Syrian fighter jet over Golan Heights | Al Jazeera

The Israeli army said it shot down a Syrian fighter jet that allegedly crossed into the occupied Golan Heights as heavy fighting continued between the Syrian military and the last rebel holdouts in the country’s southwest. Spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus said the Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet flew towards Israel at “relatively high speed” before breaching the country’s airspace. He said ... Read More »

Here’s How the Russian Military Is Organizing to Develop AI | Defense One

The Russian Ministry of Defense is pursuing artificial intelligence with an urgency that has only grown since Vladimir Putin’s “rule the world” speech in September. But after several years of watching American and Chinese researchers accumulate breakthroughs and funding, while Russia continues to lack a relevant high-tech culture, Ministry leaders have decided that if they can’t outspend their global competitors, ... Read More »

Taliban Leaders Declare a Halt to Bombings in Civilian Areas | The New York Times

Taliban insurgents are refraining from attacking Afghan civilians for the first time in many years, according to Afghan officials and the insurgents themselves. The change in tactics started after a Taliban cease-fire expired on June 17, and came after a six-month period that the United Nations said had been the deadliest yet for Afghan civilians. A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, ... Read More »

‘Billion dollar ransom’: Did Qatar pay record sum? | BBC News

A list of the hostages was given to Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, who was about to become Qatar’s foreign minister. He realised that it included two of his own relatives. “Jassim is my cousin and Khaled is my aunt’s husband,” he texted Qatar’s ambassador to Iraq, Zayed al-Khayareen. “May God protect you: once you receive any news, update me ... Read More »

ISIS May Be Waning, but Global Threats of Terrorism Continue to Spread | The New York Times

In Germany and France, the authorities thwarted terrorists’ plots to attack with the deadly poison ricin. In eastern Syria, the Islamic State continued its retreat under stepped-up assaults by Kurdish militia and Iraqi pilots. And extremists in Yemen, Somalia and Libya were targeted by American airstrikes. That spate of action, over the past few weeks alone, illustrates the shifting and ... Read More »