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Global News

Budget 2021: Army realigns $2.4 billion in new budget request (updated) | National Defense

The 2021 fiscal year budget request from the U.S. Army continues to change and reallocate resources. Officials are currently looking at what can be weeded out or cut down on in order to come up with funding for new projects. Modernization has been said to be a top priority for Army leaders in the form of next-generation combat vehicles, future ... Read More »

Northern Ireland police say IRA dissidents planned Brexit Day truck bomb | CBC

A Belfast newspaper received a phone call saying that a bomb was on a truck heading for a ferry to Scotland. Despite nothing being found, a couple days later another call came in with more information. The next day police discovered an explosives-laden vehicle that was set to go off at the time the United Kingdom was leaving for the ... Read More »

China is spraying entire city blocks to contain outbreak | Futurism

The city of Wuhan in China, the source of the recent coronavirus outbreak, is undergoing extreme disinfectant measures. Pictures and videos can be seen of men in hazmat suits rolling down the street spraying massive clouds of disinfectant spray throughout entire city blocks. However, it is unknown what exactly they are spraying. Some believe that it is a water and ... Read More »

Defense Department proposes cutting funding to Stars and Stripes | CNN

The military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, covers news and information relative to the military community. The Department of Defense has announced to the publisher that they intend to eliminate some of the funding in 2021. Publisher Max Lederer commented that “the loss of funding to support the Stripes mission around the world will definitely reduce the ability of the Stripes ... Read More »

Here’s your friendly election-year reminder to stay away from politics while in uniform | Military Times

The Defense Department has sent out a list of do’s and don’ts for active service members as the election period grows closer. Defense Secretary Mark Esper commented on the appropriate behavior for military service members and their political views. “As citizens, we exercise our right to vote and participate in government. However, as public servants who have taken an oath ... Read More »

Faller: Navy deployments to SOUTHCOM about more than just drug trafficking | USNI News

SOUTHCOM Commander Adm. Craig Faller has discussed how the recent increase in warship presence in Southern Command has led to more than just added drug busts. Littoral Combat Ship USS Little Rock left for its maiden voyage and is the second LCS deployment to SOUTHCOM this past year. Adm. Craig Faller stated that this heightened authority and presence has improved ... Read More »

In pictures: Worst mass shooting in Thailand’s history | Al Jazeera

This past Sunday went down in history as Thailand’s worst shooting spree. A soldier killed at least 29 people and wounded 57 people before being fatally shot inside a shopping centre. Angry over a land deal and armed with assault weapons and ammunition, Jakrapanth Thomma went on a rampage, shot his commanding officer and fled in a stolen Humvee. Thomma ... Read More »

Sahel crisis: Burkina Faso to arm civilians against militants | BBC

Struggling to get a grip on the growing wave of Islamist militant attacks, authorities in Burkina Faso are planning to give weapons to civilians in the region. At least 60 people were killed in four attacks in the region, with another 20 killed in an attack in early February. It will be signed into law to arm civilians in an ... Read More »

Iraqi officials say Baghdad wants to minimize reliance on U.S. | Star Tribune

The Iraqi military has been ordered to not participate in any joint operations with the U.S. against the Islamic State. Mistrust and suspicion have abounded since Iranian General Soleimani and an Iraqi general were killed by an airstrike. An informal request has also been made for all U.S. troops to be withdrawn from the country. The military announced the resume ... Read More »

U.S. ASEAN counterterrorism cooperation in the headlines with regional conference | The Diplomat

The U.S. has continued to ramp up their efforts in Southeast Asia as terrorism continues to grow in the region. A regional counterterrorism expert meeting has recently taken place that highlighted the effort shown and what needs to be improved on. Washington’s endeavors in the area include more training, new equipment and technology being implemented, and designing new programs designed ... Read More »