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Global News

Police were ordered to pull back when spy agency secretly transported Syrian fighters in Turkey | Nordic Monitor

They were able to avoid police checkpoints with help from a Turkish spy agency. This information was revealed in court by a former special operations officer. The Turkish army was also providing logistics and training. Trucks were also able to transport illegal arms to the Jihadists. A document was released citing more of the events that took place. Source: https://www.nordicmonitor.com/2020/07/the-police-ordered-to-pull-back-when-spy-agency-secretly-transporting-syrian-fighters-in-turkey/ Read More »

NASA, SpaceX preparing to bring Crew Dragon home this week | ARS Technica

The vessel carried two astronauts to the International Space Station, and now they are ready to come home. The crew named it the Endeavor. The spacecraft was able to provide the crew and NASA with a smooth trip and hopefully a successful return this week. There are multiple places in the water for the potential splash down all over the ... Read More »

Federal agents likely permanently blinded by Portland protesters’ lasers, White House says | New York Post

Recently President Donald Trump ordered for federal law enforcement to be sent into large cities with ongoing riots. There are reports that at least three federal agents have likely been blinded by lasers that protesters were using while descending on a federal courthouse. Another one had his hand impaled with nails. The use of federal law enforcement in Portland is ... Read More »

Hurricane Hanna lashes south Texas coast, already beset by COVID | Reuters

Texas is known for a state with rising COVID-19 cases and death rates. However, the Texas coast was met by a hurricane that had strong winds and powerful surges. Hurricane Hanna hit the coast and now is the first hurricane for the Atlantic in 2020. This is just the start of a challenging hurricane season ahead while people will have ... Read More »

Trump team, Senate Republicans agree on coronavirus aid offer to Democrats | Reuters

COVID-19 has made many families fall victim to needing help after many lost their jobs and the economy is declining. The Senate has agreed on a $1 trillion dollar coronavirus relief fund to help stimulate the economy and aid. There have been numerous ideas passed around regarding stimulus checks, unemployment, and tax cuts. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-congress/trump-team-senate-republicans-agree-on-coronavirus-aid-offer-to-democrats-idUSKCN24R0GX Read More »

Military expert urges increased defenses for E. Taiwan | Taiwan News

Chen Kuo-ming, a military expert, assessed that Taiwan should strengthen its military defenses for East Taiwan. Aviation and Special Forces Command plans to use Taitung’s Feng Nien Airport as a helicopter training base, but it was criticized by local authorities for putting the plans for military defense in the east on hold. Threat from China’s amphibious capability continues to improve, ... Read More »

Concerns about federal agents wearing military camo raised by DoD in after-action review | Military Times

Defense Secretary Mark Esper raised concerns on a misconception of the public about mistakenly identifying federal agents wearing camo as military officials on domestic issues that happened during a protest in Portland, Orgon. A trending video with 10 million views captured a former Navy Seabee having his hand broken by federal officers. Esper’s concerns were raised as part of an ... Read More »

Abood Hamam: ‘A picture can kill you or save your life’ | BBC News

Abood Hamam had witnessed most of the major conflicts in his home country when risking his life to capture the truth behind Syria to the world. He has sent pictures to international news agencies using a pseudonym, Nur Furat. Later on, he was asked to use his photography to film the victory parade for the Islamic State celebrating their takeover ... Read More »

UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in space | BBC News

Both the U.S. and the U.K. has raised concerns on Russia’s potential satellite weapons in space. UK space directorate Air Vice Marshal Harvey Smyth informs that the satellite has the characteristics of a weapon. However, it was earlier said by Russia’s defense ministry that they are testing new technology in performing checks on Russian space equipment. Russia, UK, US, China, ... Read More »

China orders U.S. to shut Chengdu consulate, retaliating for Houston | Reuters

After the announcement of an order closing the Houston Consulate, China retaliated by ordering the US to shut its consulate in Chengdu. The US was also given 72 hours to close, or until 10 a.m. on Monday. “We urge the Chinese Communist Party to cease these malign actions rather than engage in tit-for-tat retaliation,” John Ullyot, a spokesman for the ... Read More »