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Global News

Traffic is way down because of lockdown, but air pollution? Not so much | NPR News

As traffic across the U.S. and the rest of the world has gone down during the coronavirus pandemic, it has not created much of a difference for pollution. The air is clearer, but ozone pollution decline has not been consistent with what early beliefs portrayed. Environmental Protection Agency data has shown that in some cities where there has been a ... Read More »

Connect here with an online PPP small business lender (Yes, there’s still money for new forgivable PPP loans) | Forbes

Consumer credit expert Gerri Detweiler has over thirty years of experience in his field and has shared information regarding the numerous disaster relief loans that have been made available to small businesses. Some small businesses had issued receiving funds from the Payroll Protection Program loan due to the money in the first phase being distributed so quickly. The second phase, ... Read More »

US pilot jailed in Singapore for breaking quarantine order | VOA News

FedEx pilot Brian Dugan Yeargan from Alaska has been sentenced to four weeks in prison in Singapore. He plead guilty to leaving his hotel room for three hours to buy masks and a thermometer. Currently over 90% of the 26,000 infected in Singapore are foreign workers who are living in crowded dormitories. Those who break quarantine and lockdown measures regarding ... Read More »

Trump presented with Space Force flag by military officials in Oval Office | ABC News

The flags from the other five branches of the military in the Oval Office will now have the Space Force flag placed along side them. Senior military officials have presented the flag to President Trump as the new sixth branch of the military. Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond and senior enlisted adviser Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman were ... Read More »

A Gmail scammer tried to impersonate a four-star US Army general to catfish a married woman | Business Insider

While catfishing attempts were scammers pose as military members is nothing new, some have decided to try and impersonate a four-star general. Gmail users posed as US Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, chief of US Cyber Command chief the National Security Agency in an attempt to convince women to download Google Hangouts. A woman in New York City also received Facebook ... Read More »

In Europe, Russian military aggression proves immune to the pandemic | The Daily Signal

While most countries in Europe spent the last few months focusing on the coronavirus, Russia kept up their foreign policy. On April 28th and 29th NATO forces intercepted Russian aircrafts attempting to enter allied airspace three different times. Russian mercenaries and contractors have also continued to bomb Ukrainian troops and villages in the Donbas region. Marcel Van Herpen, director of ... Read More »

U.S. Army Cadet Command makes changes to summer training programs in response to COVID-19 | U.S. Army

The U.S. Army Cadet Command has announced that the annual Cadet Summer Training program will see some changes this year due to the coronavirus. “CST 2020 planning is in progress, and all appropriate measures are being undertaken to ensure the health and safety of our Cadets, Cadre and civilians,” commented Maj. Gen John Evans, commander of U.S. Army Cadet Command. ... Read More »

Covid-19 isn’t just a respiratory disease. It hits the whole body | CNN Health

Dr. Sean Wengerter, a vascular surgeon in Pomona, New York, has discussed how someone with the coronavirus can seem to be handling the virus well at first, only to have major issues later on. One of his patients, a 38-year-old man, was handling his symptoms at home and did not fit the mold of someone who would be high risk. ... Read More »

Hong Kong is pushing a controversial national anthem bill just as protests are kicking off again | CNN

After five months of dealing with the coronavirus and working to get back to normal, protests have started back up in China. It is expected for demonstrations and protests to increase as the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary is coming up on June 4th. The government has stated that citizens should not be protesting everyone has already been hurt enough by ... Read More »

COVID-19: New drug candidates, treatments offer reasons for hope | Medical News Today

New reports and findings are coming out almost daily in regard to the coronavirus vaccines, testing, and possible cures. Some companies are searching for a new drug to help treat and manage the virus, while others are looking at preexisting treatments. Currently three drugs have undergone the most testing and appear to be the most effective in treating the virus: ... Read More »