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Global News

Coronavirus: US volunteers test first vaccine | BBC News

Four patients in Seattle have been injected with a harmless copied genetic code from a virus in order to test out a possible vaccine. While it will still be months before we know if the vaccine is effective, scientists around the world have been fast-tracking research on COVID-19. One of the steps skipped in this trial was to see if ... Read More »

Soldier, airman identified as US troops killed in rocket attack on Iraq base | Air Force Times

Picture of the American flag

The two U.S. citizens killed alongside a previously named U.K. soldier have been identified as an airman and a soldier. Staff Sgt. Marshal Roberts and Spc. Juan Miguel Mendez Covarrubias were killed when an Iranian-backed militant group fired several rockets into a military base in Iraq. “They volunteered to serve the United States and United Kingdom to improve their lives ... Read More »

Take spring break at home for two weeks starting now | Feld Thoughts

With schools beginning to close across the U.S., students are going to be having an extended spring break. Instead of traveling during this time off however, stay home in order to prevent unnecessary exposure of yourself and your family. Also, work from home if possible, in order to prevent taking vacation days and cut down on the number of childcare ... Read More »

DOD bans all domestic travel for personnel and families amid coronavirus | Military Times

Pentagon officials have announced a domestic travel ban for troops, their families, and civilian personnel starting today. The domestic travel ban is designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and is currently effective till May 11th. Troops will only be granted local leave and must be prepared for a call back. “These restrictions are necessary to preserve force readiness, ... Read More »

Several Americans were injured when rockets hit Iraqi base for second time in a week | CNN

Three U.S. personnel were injured on Saturday when rockets fired by a militant group struck a military base in Iraq. This is the second time in the past week that the base has been hit. It has not been announced if the injured Americans were military or civilians, but two Iraqi troops were injured as well. Iraq’s Baghdad Operations Command has ... Read More »

Is it hoarding or panic buying? Some military stores are limiting quantities of sanitizing products | Military Times

The spreading fear of the coronavirus has led people to “panic buy” soap, hand sanitizer, bleach, and other cleaning supplies. Now, cleaning supply shelves are empty in most stores, as these panic buyers purchased dozens of bottles of soap. Commissary and Exchange officials are currently working to restock the stores with cleaning supplies, and some are limiting the number you ... Read More »

US conducts airstrikes against multiple Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq | CNN

One day after the rocket strike on a military base in Iraq that killed a UK soldier and two Americans, the U.S. conducted an airstrike against the militant groups. A defense official has commented that the strikes were carried out by a manned aircraft and the targets included weapons storage facilities. The Iranian-sponsored Shia militia group, Kata’ib Hezbollah, was the target ... Read More »

UK soldier killed in Iraq was ‘larger than life’ | BBC News

UK soldier L/Cpl Brodie Gillon was killed along side two U.S. citizens while on the Taji military camp in Iraq. On Thursday, Iran-backed militants fired into the base, killing three and wounding at least 12 others. Gillon was in the Royal Army Medical Corps and a reserve with the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry, and was also a sports physiotherapist. Her ... Read More »

China hints at denying Americans life-saving coronavirus drugs | Fox News

As more people outside of China continue to become infected by the coronavirus, China seems to be hinting at the slow of medical products coming from their country. An article in the Xinhua, a state-run news source, has said that China may impose pharmaceutical export controls, especially to the U.S. This shows just how much of the global supply on ... Read More »

SECDEF issues global travel restrictions to help stop coronavirus spread | Military Times

The Pentagon has banned all travel to and from locations with a “Warning Level 3” from the coronavirus. Troops, family members, and civilian employees are now restricted from traveling to these areas in hopes to curb the spread of the virus. The current list of countries includes Italy, South Korea, China, and most of Europe. More countries are expected to ... Read More »