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Global News

In 1911, another epidemic swept through China. That time, the world came together | CNN

In 1911 an epidemic began to spread throughout China that led to the death of over 60,000. When it began, measures such as lockdowns, quarantines, border control, masks, and mass cremation immediately went into play. Once it was brought under control the International Plague Conference convened in China and was attended by experts from many of the larger world powers. ... Read More »

A new statistic reveals why America’s COVID-19 numbers are flat | Medium

The vast majority of evidence compiled over the past two months is showing that the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. is greatly underestimated. Studies are being done to test parts of the population, and there are always cases of people testing positive when they showed little to no symptoms. Currently, around one in five people who get tested ... Read More »

Taliban kills nine Afghan soldiers in attack on Army post | RFERL

Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry has released that nine Afghan soldiers who were stationed at the army post in the Charkh District of Logar Province were killed in an overnight attack. Spokesman Fawad Aman commented that the Taliban fighters also took heavy casualties and were eventually repelled. The Taliban has yet to comment on the raid despite the peace deal that was ... Read More »

USAA reverses course on seizing federal stimulus checks | Express News

USAA has received backlash these past few days as they began taking stimulus check funds from overdrawn accounts to cover the fees and transactions. Despite this being common practice for funds that are deposited into overdrawn accounts, USAA has announced they will allow these customers to access the full stimulus check amount. Currently they will pause the withdrawal of funds ... Read More »

Exclusive: As Washington DC faces coronavirus spike, secret military task force prepares to secure the Capital | Newsweek

Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered another 30-day extension of the state of emergency currently active in the District of Columbia. Federal officials are concerned that an outbreak as bad as the one seen in New York City could occur and cripple the government. A military task force that is assigned the act of evacuating officials has already been activated and is ... Read More »

Germany arrests IS suspects plotting attacks on US bases | DW News

Four men who are originally from Tajikistan have been arrested by the German police for plotting terror attacks on U.S. bases and planning an assassination. They are believed to be members of the Islamic State terror organization, and evidence points to plots against U.S. Air Force bases in Germany. All four are also suspected of attempting to relay information back to ... Read More »

Simply speaking could transmit coronavirus, new study suggests | STAT News

The National Institutes of Health has been conducting a study on the spread of the coronavirus through normal conversation. The study has found that someone who is infected could spread the virus through normal indoor talking levels, especially in enclosed spaces. “Aerosols from infected persons may therefore pose an inhalation threat even at considerable distances and in enclosed spaces, particularly ... Read More »

As governments fumbled their coronavirus response, these four got it right. Here’s how. | CNN

While most of the world has fallen to the coronavirus and are under indefinite lockdowns, four countries seem to be doing better than the rest. Taiwan, Iceland, South Korea, and Germany have had the best successes in combating the virus. The common response by these countries was how quickly they implemented quarantine measures and monitored the situation. Also, they were ... Read More »

How long does it take to recover from COVID-19? | NPR News

While the positive cases of the coronavirus continue to rise around the globe, the number of those who have recovered has shot up as well. Many are now wondering how long it actually takes to recover, and when are you no longer contagious? Several doctors who contracted the virus and have been fighting to quell it in other patients have ... Read More »

Millions of veterans to get letters this week on potential reimbursements for medical costs | Military Times

Veterans will be receiving letters from the VA that include instructions on how to see if they are eligible to receive reimbursement for medical costs. A court ruling has determined that the VA must pay back medical bills they sent to those who received emergency care from another department. The court determined that the previous rules set by the VA ... Read More »