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Global News

Thousands of troops are coming home from Germany, but some of them could be going right back | Marine Corps Times

However, the 12,000 troops being called back home might have to face additional European deployments. The plan also includes moving two headquarters out of Stuttgart, Germany. Germany was first met with these U.S. bases to deter the Soviet Union. This is all an effort to implement troops presence mirroring the New Eastern front. Source: https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-military/2020/07/29/thousands-of-troops-are-coming-home-from-germany-but-some-of-them-could-be-going-right-back/ Read More »

USDA urges residents to avoid planting ‘China seeds’ | VOA News

There have been cases of mysterious seed packets showing up randomly and the government is asking those who have received them to hand them over for testing. While it is unclear of the intentions behind the packets, the government remains skeptic. Since the U.S. and China’s relationship has been rocky and tensions are high, and the unexplained seeds are no ... Read More »

Belarus says over 30 Russian mercenaries detained ahead of Presidential vote | Radio Free Europe

Over 30 Russian mercenaries were arrested in affiliation with trying to destabilize the country before an upcoming election. All of those arrested were between 24-52 years old. Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has concerns over Russia’s intentions and urges Russia to explain what is going on. Source: https://www.rferl.org/a/belarus-30-foreign-private-military-contractors-detained-minsk/30755231.html Read More »

With US troops gone from two bases in eastern Afghanistan, Taliban steps up attacks | Stars & Stripes

Bases located in the Achin and Deh Bala districts have been seeing an increase of Taliban presence. Stars & Stripes talked to a 20-year-old who describes what living near it is like and revealed that his father died fighting against an Islamist group. A militia commander said that ISIS has been releasing daily attacks since the U.S left the area. ... Read More »

Election race heats up as Tundu Lissu returns to Tanzania | Aljazeera

He is returning to Tanzania to take on the current president in the upcoming election. In 2017, he was shot over 16 times after someone attempted to assassinate him. Since then he has been on a self-imposed exile in Belgium. The men who attacked him are still at large but this is not stopping Lissu. Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/election-race-heats-tundu-lissu-returns-tanzania-200728061433202.html Read More »

US Army cyber chief outlines ten-year plan for information warfare | C4ISRNET

The US military is gearing up to fight information warfare as its threat continues to rise. The US Army Cyber Chief has outlined a plan that will help combat information warfare. Part of the plan includes changing the name of the Cyber Command, however specifics have not been released. The plan will take ten years and has three phases. Source: ... Read More »

Resistance operations concept in the shadow of Russia | NDU Press

This article is written by Otto Fiala and Ulrica Pettersson and discusses various encounters and analyzes NATO’s actions during the Cold War. They also take a look into the Baltic Region and the Forrest Brothers. Source: https://ndupress.ndu.edu/Portals/68/Documents/prism/prism_8-4/prism_8-4_17-28_Fiala-Pettersson.pdf Read More »

Police were ordered to pull back when spy agency secretly transported Syrian fighters in Turkey | Nordic Monitor

They were able to avoid police checkpoints with help from a Turkish spy agency. This information was revealed in court by a former special operations officer. The Turkish army was also providing logistics and training. Trucks were also able to transport illegal arms to the Jihadists. A document was released citing more of the events that took place. Source: https://www.nordicmonitor.com/2020/07/the-police-ordered-to-pull-back-when-spy-agency-secretly-transporting-syrian-fighters-in-turkey/ Read More »

NASA, SpaceX preparing to bring Crew Dragon home this week | ARS Technica

The vessel carried two astronauts to the International Space Station, and now they are ready to come home. The crew named it the Endeavor. The spacecraft was able to provide the crew and NASA with a smooth trip and hopefully a successful return this week. There are multiple places in the water for the potential splash down all over the ... Read More »

Federal agents likely permanently blinded by Portland protesters’ lasers, White House says | New York Post

Recently President Donald Trump ordered for federal law enforcement to be sent into large cities with ongoing riots. There are reports that at least three federal agents have likely been blinded by lasers that protesters were using while descending on a federal courthouse. Another one had his hand impaled with nails. The use of federal law enforcement in Portland is ... Read More »