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Global News

China tries to contain new coronavirus outbreak | DW News

The remote northeastern Heilongjiang province in China may be the location for the start of the country’s second wave of the coronavirus. China recently began to lift the lockdown measures and travel bans throughout the cities as the number of reported cases dropped. However, new clusters of coronavirus cases have begun to spring up in the more remote areas. The ... Read More »

Naval Academy to graduate the Class of 2020 over a 10-day period | Navy Times

The 2020 class from the Naval Academy would normally have a graduation ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Due to social distancing measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, graduation will look a little different this year. Commissioning events will occur over the course of ten days with five separate groups made up of around 210 midshipmen. The ... Read More »

Wuhan shows the world that the end of lockdown is just the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis | CNN

On April 8th Wuhan, China, the center of the coronavirus pandemic, eased up on lockdown measures, ending a 76-day lockdown and quarantine. Despite the travel bans being lifted, many stores and restaurants are closed or only doing take away and delivery. Residents can also be seen still wearing masks and gloves when they go out in public. The Wuhan government ... Read More »

Knowledge about North Korea’s Kim is limited, but crucial | VOA News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been absent from the pubic eye for weeks, and he recently miss a very important celebration of his grandfather. Many of the rumors state that he is gravely ill, has the coronavirus, or is already dead. As these rumors and claims continue to grow, officials are wondering what we actually know. Did Kim have ... Read More »

USS Bunker Hill sails through Spratly Islands to contest China’s maritime claim | UPI News

After the USS Barry was expulsed from the Paracel Islands by China’s military, the USS Bunker Hill sailed through the Spratly Islands. The guided missile cruiser navigated through the South China Sea to test the excessive claims made on the area by China, Vietnam and Taiwan. “Unlawful and sweeping maritime claims in the South China Sea pose a serious threat to ... Read More »

Pentagon officially releases UFO videos | CNN

In December 2017 and March 2018, private company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences released three leaked videos that were allegedly from the Navy. These videos showed pilots witnessing unidentified flying objects during the night. While the Navy acknowledged the videos last year, the Pentagon has officially released them and stated they do not contain any information that ... Read More »

Coronavirus: Germany weighs controversial triage issue | DW

A major Berlin newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel, recently published a debate on who would get medical care and an ICU bed if coronavirus numbers continued to grow. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is claiming that 50% of those who have tested positive for the virus and enter the ICU end up dying, but Germany only has a death rate of 30%. ... Read More »

Yemen war: Separatists declare autonomous rule in south | BBC

The Aden-based Southern Transitional Council has claimed that they will now rule southern areas of Yemen and is backed by the United Arab Emirates. The Saudi-backed Yemeni government has sent out a warning that this would have disastrous consequences and they are not permitted to declare independence. Yemen’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadhrami commented that this is “an announcement of its ... Read More »

Why is COVID-19 coronavirus causing strokes in young and middle-aged people? | Forbes

Common symptom and effects from the coronavirus often appear in a patient’s lungs. The virus attacks the lungs, causing them to become inflamed, and our body is unable to transfer the oxygen to red blood cells. Scientists are now discovering that while the virus attacks other parts of the body, blood vessels are a primary target. The attacks on larger ... Read More »

Studies tackle who joins the military and why, but their findings aren’t what many assume | Military Times

A common theory that was tested in two studies this year is that military candidates join because they have no other option. However, the studies showed that the reason cadets sign up has a lot more variety than this. “We find that, despite the reality of market-based recruitment, many Americans continue to subscribe to an idealized image of service members ... Read More »