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Global News

Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley says it was ‘mistake’ to appear with Trump in Lafayette Square | Fox News

Many military officials have critiqued the militaries presence requested by President Trump in policing protests that have a occurred across the nation after a black man, George Floyd was killed in police custody. Milley points to the constitution to remind other soldiers that they took an oath to protect the constitution were all are equal. He also acknowledged the militaries ... Read More »

U.S.-Polish Fort Trump project crumbles | Reuters

Poland’s 2018 proposal to name a military installation “Fort Trump” will no longer take place. The goal was for Trump to create a permanent U.S. military base in Poland, but issues regarding deployment and housing have permanently halted the project. Some officials have also claimed that the idea was going to fail from the start and that it was simply ... Read More »

Fighters kill dozens, raze village in Nigeria’s Borno state | Aljazeera

A herding village in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state recently suffered an extreme attack that has left at least 81 dead. Fighters came from the capital of Maiduguri and opened fire on the locals upon arrival. Many of the residents were attacked while in the fields with their cattle, and those who tried to escape were run over with vehicles. Many ... Read More »

Were they worth it?: Key protest movements over the decade | AP News

COVID-19 left many Americans staying in their homes until the killing of George Floyd called many to protest against police brutality and racial injustice. However, across the globe people are protesting for similar reasons and for different struggles that involve injustices. In this AP article the author reflects on movements globally and throughout different time periods that have sparked change ... Read More »

Chicago sees deadliest day in decades amid protests and curfew | BBC News

This would mark the deadliest day in Chicago’s history in at least 30 years period. May 31st will go down in history as not just Chicago’s deadliest day but also the day where many took to Chicago streets to protest racial inequality and police brutality after the killing of George Floyd. Many of those who died were black, and included ... Read More »

North Korea might be making millions — and breaking sanctions — selling sand. Yes, sand. | CNN Business

North Korea had been caught skipping customs officers in an attempt to skip United Nations sanctions. However, it has recently been discovered that these North Korean ships were actually transporting sand. The issue is, in December 2017 the UN barred North Korea from exporting earth and stone. The discovery of North Korean ships illegally transporting sand was conducted by Lucas ... Read More »

North Korea halts all communications with South in row over leafleting | BBC News

North Korea is cutting off communication with South Korea claiming this as the first step against their proclaimed enemy. This is a result of the South throwing leaflets of propaganda according to North Korean officials. North Koreans are only allowed news fed to them through officials. Stopping communication includes the daily phone calls between the leaders along with any hotline ... Read More »

Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says | CNBC News

It is rare that asymptomatic people are driving the spread of COVID-19 according to the World Health Organization. This information in data could drastically change policy implications. The CDC published on April 1st that pre-symptomatic transmission is a reason why social distancing is so important. These findings show that the point of focus needs to be on those showing symptoms ... Read More »

Amid US tension, Iran builds fake aircraft carrier to attack | AP News

On Sunday June 7th, AP captured a picture of a fake aircraft carrier. The carrier is seen off the coast of Bandar Abbas Iran. The mock aircraft is being used for drills and sits where 20% of the world’s oil passes through. The potential live fire drills might be a response to rising tensions between the US in Iran. The ... Read More »

16 dead including 5 children in new eastern DR Congo massacre | Hindustan Times

Five of the people killed in a recent massacre were under the age of five, with seven women and four men killed as well. The Cooperative for the Development of Congo are pointed to for being responsible by the UN. The killings unfolded in a village in eastern PR Congo Providence of Ituri. The attack was carried out using knives ... Read More »