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Global News

Iran prepared to retaliate if U.S. stopped Venezuela-bound tankers: news agency | Reuters

As a result of US forces interfering with Venezuela-bound Iranian oil tankers, Iran’s naval forces are preparing to target US commercial vessels in the Gulf. The United States is considering sanctions on foreign oil tankers that decide to trade with Venezuela. Iran has contacted the UN about the incident. The US Navy has issued a warning for them to stay ... Read More »

Asia Today: Beijing reinstates virus controls as cases rise | AP News

China reported 49 Corona cases on Monday and out of those 36 were from Beijing. The rise in cases are thought to stem from a market and as a result, China is ordering all restaurants to test their uncooked meat and temperature check all of their employee’s. The market being traced back to is the Xinfadi market and since then ... Read More »

Protests rock Lebanon as currency collapses | Aljazeera

In just 2 weeks, Lebanon’s currency was deprecated by more than 25%. This angered many and they protested by blocking roads and burning cars in the streets. The demonstrations were widespread across the country. Many are pointing the blame to the Central Bank Governor Riad Salamen. He is responsible for keeping the currency stable, others are also looking toward the ... Read More »

Fears for Philippines press freedom as court finds Maria Ressa guilty of libel | Reuters

The Philippines is now facing a major blow to media freedom. Maria Ressa, a former CNN journalist and an owner of a website who is known for criticizing the president has been charged with online libel. She refuses to be silent after many have died under Duerete’s war on drugs causes concern about human rights. Her charges have come out ... Read More »

Moscow plans enhanced military basing in Syria – analysis | Eurasia Review

Russia is expanding its military presence in Syria. President Vladimir Putin on May 29th instructed their defense to aim for expanding military basing rights. These plans are likely to include both ports and ground based facilities. This also includes the bases in Latakia and Tartus being expanded to increase performance levels and boost functionality according to Yury Shvitkin, vice chair ... Read More »

Air Force general confirmed as first black chief of a U.S. military service | Politico

General Brown will be the first African American leader of a military service. He won by a 98-0 vote after being nominated by President Donald Trump. Racial issues have been something that the Pentagon has been dealing with. Recently, protest have broken out across the nation demanding for justice for George Floyd, a man who was killed in police custody, ... Read More »

French police dump handcuffs in protest to rebuff critics | BBC News

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has banned the use of choke holding anybody on Monday. As a response to the ban and angry protesters, French police have thrown hand cuffs on the ground. They argue that holding down somebody by the neck is a way to keep them stable to handcuff them and this tactic is only being used to handcuff ... Read More »

Immunity to the coronavirus remains a mystery. Scientists are trying to crack the case | STAT News

Understanding what makes someone immune is a crucial part of understanding how the vaccines should work. Currently, there are being clinical trials held for vaccine candidates. Scientist are using how our bodies protect itself against other diseases related to the coronaviruses to guide them on the answer to the vaccine for COVID-19. They found that the anti-bodies have shown that ... Read More »

Trump taps Afghanistan war critic tata for Pentagon policy post | Bloomberg

Anthony Tata is a retired Army brigadier general nominated by President Donald Trump. He retired in 2009 and since then has ran his own business sand have held many leadership roles in North Carolina. Last year he was granted a top-secret clearance and supports replacing troops in Afghanistan with military contractors. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-10/trump-taps-afghanistan-war-critic-tata-for-pentagon-policy-post Read More »

New details emerge on killer U.S. Army drone swarms | Hot Cars

When someone thinks of mass destruction, drones might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, The U.S. Army is in the works of creating a swarm of drones that could fit the description. The effort is being called “the cluster swarm project” and its goal is to launch lots of mini drones to locate any vehicles and ... Read More »