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Global News

Navy to punish fired Captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt | Defense One

On April 4th Navy Secretary Thomas Modly fired Capt. Brett Crozier of the USS Theodore Roosevelt following an email that was sent asking for help. There was consideration for Crozier to be reinstated, but the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday has confirmed that he, the ship’s air wing commander, and its chief of medical operations will be punished. ... Read More »

Air Force makes history by selecting woman to become next senior enlisted leader | Stars & Stripes

Chief Master Sgt. JoAnne Bass was appointed to take the role by Staff Gen. Charles Brown, who is the first African American to become a military service chief. He expressed his confidence in her role of advising and guiding the air forces enlisted airmen. She has served in the military for 27 years and has served in multiple deployments all ... Read More »

French plan aims to ‘toughen’ its military forces | Asia Times

The Chief of Staff revealed that he has plans for the forces to toughen up, and he is employing his plan by 2030. This new plan would implement new means of force based on intimidation, attaining superiority, and strengthening relationships with Europe. The plan also consist of twelve major projects that aim to strengthen the military while educating and preparing ... Read More »

Trump confirms plans to pull some US troops out of Germany | Military Times

Trump also claimed that NATO is owed billions of dollars of payments by European Powers. On Monday, he stated that he is working on a plan to decrease U.S. troops presence stationed in American bases in Germany. This plan would include capping troop levels in the country at 25,000. Critics of the President according to Military Times, critics have pointed ... Read More »

A History of the 2025 Sino–American War in the South China Sea | National Review

Michael Auslin, who studied at Stanford writes about how the political climate are causing tensions to rise between the U.S and China and how this might lead us into a war that neither country expect nor are prepared for. He writes about how COVID-19, Chinese cyber-attacks and propaganda campaigns are adding fuel to the fire. He breaks down theoretical events ... Read More »

Galwan Valley: Image appears to show nail-studded rods used in India-China brawl | BBC News

A brawl that ended up leaving 20 Indian soldiers dead left many questioning how exactly so many Indian soldiers died despite their being no gun fire. China and India have had rising tensions after a dispute over a self-proclaimed “Line of Actual Control’ placed by Chinese soldiers. However, an image of a rod with deadly spikes arose on Thursday that ... Read More »

The unfolding geopolitical power play in war-torn Libya | Aljazeera

Ever since the Civil War in Libya broke out following the death of leader Muammar Gaddafi, the country has not had rest. The country is now divided int two administrations. In the eastern and central parts of Libya are the House of Representatives that align themselves with Hafter and are in control of the oil producing parts. The other side ... Read More »

California Gov. Newsom makes face masks mandatory amid rising coronavirus cases | NPR News

California is taking it a step further by requiring all people in public spaces to wear face masks. These spaces would include in parks that are open, shopping, federal buildings, and medical facilities. The California Governor Gavin Newsom released this in a statement Thursday although there are some exceptions. Those with medical conditions or mental health issues that prevent them ... Read More »

Nursing homes represent more than 1 in 4 COVID-19 deaths | AP News

According to AP, those in nursing homes will account for every 1 in 10 people with Corona Virus along with a quarter of the deaths. Many residents of nursing homes have had to hunker down in the facilities and isolate themselves from the outside world. Nursing homes seem to be the perfect environment for the virus to run rampant as ... Read More »

US-China row moves underwater in cable tangle | BBC News

The Pacific Light Cable Network would operate underground and help speed up Internet connectivity. This new cable is in the hands of companies like Facebook, Google, and others. However, the US government committee Team Telecom is urging the government to shut it down because of concerns for being a national security threat. Tensions between China and the US rise in ... Read More »