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Global News

The US Army once ruled Pyongyang and 5 other things you might not know about the Korean War

These facts include uncovering the most secretive city, Pyongyang, as well as U.S. bombings. They also took a deep look into how exactly the Korean War was able to save Taiwan from becoming communist and how the Soviet Union and Joseph Stallion got involved into the Korean war. The history of the war runs deep and there are many things to still dive into. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/asia/korean-war-70th-anniversary-intl-hnk/index.html Read More »

Voting begins in Putin’s ‘special operation’ to stay in power until 2036 | Independent UK

Voting spots are being set up virtually everywhere including hospitals, mobility and different theatres and factories. Citizens are being opted into a raffle to win certain prizes in order to boost participation. What exactly are they voting on? 200 different amendments, but the spotlight question is whether or not to extend term limits and this would allow for President Vladimir ... Read More »

When Covid-19 hits the brain, it can cause strokes, psychosis and a dementia-like syndrome, new survey shows | STAT News

Hospital bed with medication

A new study by Lancet Psych took a look into 125 hospital patients and their mental states. Through their research 57 have had blood clots in the brain which causes Ischemic Stroke. 39 altered mental states were reported. Also, 10 patients were newly diagnosed with psychosis. It is worth it to note that the people observed in this research were ... Read More »

Shootout between rival “El Chapo” gangs leaves 16 dead | DW News

The shootout was located in North Western Mexican provenience Sinaloa. The violence broke out in the streets and led to 16 people dying. After the police seized their property, they found 40 high caliber weapons, 10 grenades, 24 vehicles, and 36,000 rounds of ammunition. Officials released this information on Thursday. This region has seen an increase in violence after tensions ... Read More »

Kosovo President Thaci faces war crimes indictment | BBC News

These war crimes allegedly happened during the effort to seek independence for Kosovo from Serbia. He has denied these accusations. A pre-trial judge is currently sitting on the decision to see if they will seek charges against the leader as well as a known politician Kadri Veseli. Serbia still has not recognized Kosovo’s independence from the nation despite it being declared by Kosovo in 2008. ... Read More »

Pompeo increases bounty on new, shadowy ISIS leader to $10M as rumors of his death in Syria swirl | Fox News

According to Hassan Hassan, who is the director of the non-state actors’ program at the center for global policy, Abu Ibrahim Al- Quraishi was killed by the U.S forces in a drone strike. This would count as a victory towards the U.S after killing the previous leader. Al-Quraishi took the place of Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi as the ISIS leader. The U.S. has not confirmed this yet. Source: https://www.foxnews.com/world/pompeo-increases-bounty-shadowy-isis-leader-death-rumors-syria Read More »

Vaccine makers face biggest medical manufacturing challenge in history | Reuters

According to experts, most of the time developers have years to make vaccines but COVID-19 is different. The goal is to have the vaccine by January and there is an initiative called Warp Speed to rapidly come up with a solution to produce and distribute the vaccines. This information was released by Col. Nelson Micheal the director of U.S. Army center for infectious disease. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-vaccines-manufactu/vaccine-makers-face-biggest-medical-manufacturing-challenge-in-history-idUSKBN23W1ND Read More »

EU travel recommendations may impede Americans and Russians | Reuters

People were forced to post-pone their vacations everywhere. However, Europe is now starting to settle into the idea of re-opening travel industry. However, due to the conditions in the U.S. and Russia, citizens from these countries might not be welcome once Europe starts opening up their borders. The proposal would open up so called invisible borders between countries in Europe. ... Read More »

Russia holds World War Two victory parade in coronavirus shadow | BBC News

This comes to no surprise as President Vladimir Putin is trying to gain votes in an election that will give him more power. Victory day celebrates the USSR defeating Nazi Germany in WW2. The parade was rescheduled on May 9th and took place in Moscow. During WW2 20 million Russian lives were lost. The soldiers were required to quarantine two-week ... Read More »

U.S. Intel: China Ordered Attack on Indian Troops in Galwan River Valley | US News

However, some questions have been answered. After many Indian soldiers were killed by Chinese soldiers as a result of alleged provoking, it has come out that China ordered the attack. The attack killed dozens of Indian soldiers, and there was no proof of gunfire. On Monday, officials from both China and India were scheduled to meet to discusses the scuffle ... Read More »