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Global News

China defends against incoming second wave of coronavirus | Reuters

Ground zero for the coronavirus has begun to see an increased number in cases after the end of the first wave. Wuhan recently received 693 positive cases from overseas and other cities, with the possibly for new infections high. Xu Hejian, a spokesman for the Beijing government, has commented that Beijing remains the most at risk throughout the country. Currently ... Read More »

It’s official: North Macedonia becomes NATO’s 30th member | Defense News

Yesterday North Macedonia’s flag was raised alongside 29 other NATO countries at the headquarters in Brussels. On Friday North Macedonia became the 30th member of the NATO alliance. “North Macedonia is now part of the NATO family, a family of 30 nations and almost 1 billion people. A family based on the certainty that, no matter what challenges we face, ... Read More »

At least 25 dead in attack on Sikh-Hindu temple in Kabul | The Defense Post

At least 25 people were killed on Wednesday when a group of militant fighters dressed as policemen opened fire at a Sikh-Hindu temple in Kabul. The Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack, with the Taliban denying any involvement. At least eight other people were wounded, including women and children, during the hours it took to clear the ... Read More »

Russian defense military preparing for worst case COVID-19 scenario | Modern Tokyo Times

Several days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen visiting the new Kommunarka medical facility outside Moscow wearing a full hazmat suit. Kommunarka chief surgeon, Denis Protsenko, gave him a tour and inspection alongside Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Later Putin commented on his satisfaction of the facility and its ability to combat a possible “Italian” situation. Since his visit Putin ... Read More »

Is it possible that you had the coronavirus earlier this year? | Huff Post

Even though the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the U.S. happened after the New Year, many are wondering if it was here sooner. Numerous people have come forward claiming they had a respiratory illness in December or January, but their flu tests came back negative. Now some experts believe the virus reached the U.S. at the beginning of ... Read More »

Military announces new hardship pay for troops in quarantine | Military.com

An allowance will become available for military families who are forced to isolate and quarantine, and who are separated from their loved ones due to the coronavirus. A cash allowance will also be available for troops who are quarantined after being exposed to the virus. Known as Hardship Duty Pay-Restriction of Movement, those who are unable to isolate at home ... Read More »

Robert Levinson: US hostage has died in Iran, says family | BBC

Former FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared in 2007 while on Kish. He was in Iran for the CIA working as a private investigator when he was kidnapped by Iranian security forces. Levinson’s family has now released that they received information from U.S. officials stating he was dead. “It is impossible to describe our pain. Our family will spend the rest ... Read More »

After nearly a century, the U.S. Marine Corps is ditching its tanks | Popular Mechanics

The Marines have chosen to get rid of all of their tanks, most of their tube artillery, and a large amount of aviation units. These will be replaced with more long-range rocket artillery and anti-ship missiles in order to prepare for possible island hopping in the South Pacific. The service has identified China as a pacing threat and wants to ... Read More »

Pentagon halts overseas travel of US troops for 60 days to mitigate spread of coronavirus | ABC News

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has announced that all U.S. troops are not permitted to travel overseas for 60 days due to the coronavirus. Forces withdrawing from Afghanistan due to the peace deal with the Taliban may be exempt from this order. The goal of this travel halt is to prevent the virus from being brought back to the States and ... Read More »

France pulls out military forces in Iraq amid virus demands | My Northwest

The French armed forces chief of staff has announced that French military forces in Iraq will be returning home to help combat the coronavirus. French President Emmanuel Macron has launched military operations designed to treat those infected with the virus, including their territories. Helicopter carriers will be sent to overseas territories in order to attend to sick patients. Military planes ... Read More »