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Afghan security forces arrest 11 Haqqani militants in Kabul | Reuters

Eleven members of the Haqqani militant network have been arrested in the Afghan capital, the National Directorate of Security said on Wednesday, a day after the Taliban announced the death of the group’s founder. The 11 were arrested and weapons, ammunition and a large amount of explosives were seized during an operation by Afghan special forces, the NDS said in ... Read More »

Deaths of two Afghanistan insurgent group leaders announced in separate incidents | Stars & Stripes

The founder of the Haqqani network, an insurgent group known for high-profile attacks on both military and civilian targets in Afghanistan, has died after a long illness, according to a Taliban spokesman. Jalaluddin Haqqani, once called “goodness personified” by U.S. politicians who backed him in his battles against the Russians in the 1980s, founded a Taliban-linked organization responsible for some ... Read More »

Bound to Fail: Transnational Jihadism and the Aggregation Problem | War on The Rocks

On Aug. 22, ISIL’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued his first message to his followers in nearly a year, calling on them to carry out lone-wolf attacks in the West. The message should alarm policymakers about a potential new wave of terrorist attacks, but it also serves as a reminder of how far the group has fallen and, more broadly, ... Read More »

China is helping Afghanistan set up mountain brigade to fight terrorism | South China Morning Post

But “there will be no Chinese military personnel of any kind on Afghan soil at any time”, the embassy said in a fax to the South China Morning Post. The embassy said the Afghan government appreciated China’s assistance and that the countries’ militaries were working in close coordination, without giving further details. Sources close to the Chinese military earlier told ... Read More »

Some Young Veterans Abandon The American Legion In Favor Of New Organizations | NPR 24

When Navy veteran Lindsay Church was elected commander of American Legion Post 40 in Seattle, Wash., three years ago, she looked around the room and saw the future. It didn’t look promising. “Basically what I was seeing was the post was dying,” Church said. Older members were passing away, and new membership was down. The post was at risk of ... Read More »

Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan killed, government says | Reuters

The head of Islamic State in Afghanistan, Abu Saad Erhabi, was killed in a strike on the group’s hideouts in Nangarhar province on Saturday night, authorities said on Sunday. Ten other members of the militant group were also killed in a joint ground and air operation by Afghan and foreign forces, the National Directorate of Security in Kabul said in ... Read More »

‘We’re down to the last few villages’: British air campaign in Syria faces new phase | Defense News

RAF AKROTIRI, Cyprus — The first pair of warplanes thunder overhead shortly after 7:30 a.m., followed quickly by another. As the tourist city of Limassol, Cyprus, wakes up in the hazy distance, the British Typhoon and Tornado pilots are on their way to deliver what officials hope will be the final blow against a holdout of Islamic State fighters just ... Read More »

DARPA wants an AI system that can basically make sense of everything | C4ISRNET

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is looking for an artificial intelligence and machine-learning model that can help scientists and researchers push their work to new limits. The Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction (ASKE) program, announced Aug. 17, is the first contract opportunity DARPA has released as part of its new AI exploration program. The goal is to establish the feasibility of ... Read More »

NSA approves tablet and communicator for Five Eyes special forces | C4ISRNET

At the moment it’s most needed, every aspect of close air support comes down to communication. Close air support is essentially air strikes against targets when friendly forces are nearby. But to get there requires a long tail of set-up: the training for the pilot and the special operator calling in the strike, the decades of aircraft development that created ... Read More »

Southern California coast emerges as a toxic algae hot spot | Science Daily

Episodic outbreaks of algae-produced toxins make headlines every few years when stricken marine animals wash ashore between Santa Barbara and San Diego. The USC research is the most thoroughgoing assessment yet and reveals the growing scale of the problem over the last 15 years. The researchers say their findings can help protect human health and environment by improving methods to ... Read More »