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From Security to Reconciliation: How Nigeria Can Win Its Bloody War with Boko Haram | War on the Rocks

On July 17, the sun crept over the dusty horizon to illuminate another grim day in Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria’s Borno State and the birthplace of Boko Haram. In London Chiki, an overcrowded camp on the outskirts of the city, emergency personnel again earned their bloody pay, disposing of the remains of eight civilians killed by a suicide blast. Eight ... Read More »

Analysis: Ayman al Zawahiri calls for ‘unity’ in Syria amid leadership crisis | Long War Journal

On Nov. 28, al Qaeda released one of the most important messages from Ayman al Zawahiri in years. The jihad in Syria has unleashed another leadership crisis for al Qaeda, as Hay’at Tahrir al Sham (HTS, “Assembly for the Liberation of the Levant”) leaders are feuding with others over the direction of the jihad. Some of Zawahiri’s loyalists have even ... Read More »

Special Report: ‘Treacherous shenanigans’ – The inside story of Mugabe’s downfall | Reuters

Inside State House in Harare, Robert Mugabe was in the tightest spot of his 37-year rule. Tanks were on the streets and troops had occupied the state broadcaster, from where the army had announced it had taken control of Zimbabwe. Mugabe, 93 years old but still alert, remained defiant. The only leader the country had known since independence was refusing ... Read More »

Blackwater founder pitches plan to quell Libya migrant crisis with private police | The Guardian

Erik Prince, the founder of the private military contractor Blackwater, is pushing a plan to intervene in the migrant crisis in Libya with a proposal involving a privately-trained police force that would mirror his company’s work in Afghanistan. The proposal, he said, would be a more humanitarian option for the European Union compared to the chaos that is now gripping the oil-rich ... Read More »

Libyan cleared of murder charges in Benghazi attack | Military Times

A Libyan militant was convicted Tuesday of terrorism charges stemming from the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. But a federal jury found him not guilty of murder, the most serious charge associated with the rampage he was accused of orchestrating. The attack became instant political fodder in the 2012 presidential campaign, with Republicans ... Read More »

German spy agency sets sights on Balkans, focuses on Bosnia | DW

The German Intelligence Agency (BND) is increasingly concerned about Islamist tendencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Berliner Zeitung daily newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing sources from the intelligence community. The agency is allegedly also turning its attention to the whole of the volatile Balkan region. For generations, the Muslim population in multi-ethnic Bosnia has adhered to a very liberal interpretation of Islam. This perspective ... Read More »

Terror threat to US rail puts law enforcement on alert | ABC News

With terrorist groups renewing calls for would-be attackers to target American rail lines, at least one local law enforcement agency in the U.S. is using drones to help guard against such a threat. The police chief for the Philadelphia-area’s mass-transit system said he has known for some time that more than 140,000 miles of rail lines crisscrossing America are “porous” and had ... Read More »

Drone kills 7 Qaeda suspects in Yemen | AL Monitor

A drone strike has killed seven suspected members of Al-Qaeda in southern Yemen, a security official said on Sunday. The United States is the only force known to operate armed drones over Yemen. The official said an overnight drone attack, “likely American”, targeted three vehicles on the road from the southern province of Shabwa to the central province of Bayda, ... Read More »