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Why is an Australian fighting with US Green Berets against IS in Afghanistan | ABC

Five years after Australia’s combat operations officially ended in Afghanistan, an elite Australian soldier remains on the front line in the war-torn country, fighting Islamic State (IS) militants. The Special Forces soldier known as “Mark” is attached to a group of elite American “Green Berets”, who have been operating in eastern Afghanistan’s isolated Mohmand Valley, near the Pakistan border. His ... Read More »

The withheld HHS study on base water contaminants is out — and it’s not good | Military Times

The government released Thursday its first in-depth look at the health risks created by chemical compounds found in hundreds of military water sources and what illnesses may be linked to even minimal exposure to them. Bottom line: The man-made chemical compounds found in military fire-fighting foam, perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid, known commonly as PFOS and PFOA, are hardy, toxic ... Read More »

‘Deeply concerning’: Call for airing of war crime claims against special forces

Labor has urged the public release of a confidential report containing allegations that some elite Australian special forces soldiers committed war crimes in Afghanistan, as concerns about the allegations have reverberated across the political spectrum. After Fairfax Media revealed on Friday that the report, commissioned by Defence, included the war crimes allegations as well as claims of a “complete lack ... Read More »

1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) Soldiers Host Washington State Special Olympics for Third Year

The Soldiers arrived before 8 a.m. to setup for the event and prepare for the upcoming day. Throughout the day they held three powerlifting events. The Soldiers acted as judges, spotters, weight rackers, scorekeepers and most importantly motivation and encouragement to the athletes. The battalion started volunteering for the powerlifting competition about three years ago and has been holding it ... Read More »

Army shooter makes history in national action pistol shooting match

A top Army shooter who recently made history in the premiere action pistol shooting competition has a simple tip for handgun marksmanship that doesn’t require bullets – dry fire until you can achieve ideal trigger control. Sgt. 1st Class Adam Sokolowski, 39, has shot competitively since he was 12 years old but first entered the National Rifle Association National Action ... Read More »

Army orders mini-helicopter drones, considers issuing to infantry

Infantry soldiers may one day be using pocket-size helicopter drones in combat to help them find their enemies. The Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System — a miniature helicopter with video cameras — enables infantry squads to see enemy units from the air. The Army awarded a $2.6 million contract to FLIR Systems Inc. of Wilsonville, Ore., for an undisclosed number ... Read More »

Google bans development of artificial intelligence used in weaponry | The Washington Post

Google is banning the development of artificial-intelligence software that can be used in weapons, chief executive Sundar Pichai said Thursday, setting strict new ethical guidelines for how the tech giant should conduct business in an age of increasingly powerful AI. The new rules could set the tone for the deployment of AI far beyond Google, as rivals in Silicon Valley ... Read More »

Special Forces solider breaks record for cycling the Pan-American Highway | Guinness World Records

We last featured Dean Stott after he completed the record for the Fastest time to cycle the length of South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia), covering 6,000 miles in just 48 days. After facing brutal conditions and grueling terrain between Ushuaia in southern Argentina and Cartagena in northern Colombia, the 40-year-old’s next mission was to take on the Fastest cycle journey ... Read More »