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How to get stronger without lifting heavier | Runner’s World

Runners are always looking forward to the next grueling sprint or long weekend run, but the thought of lifting weights scares them off. Just like all athletes however, runners need to maintain a well-balanced workout regimen that focuses on each aspect of their body. Traditional workouts recommend lifting close to your max. A study published in the Journal of Strength ... Read More »

Here’s how to prevent injury and amp-up durability for Special Operations selection | Military.com

SOF and advanced police selection programs see a wide variety of candidates, from Olympic and pro level sports players to the average person. No matter what your background is, everyone is prone to injury during these grueling courses. Preventing injury while you prepare for selection will allow you to get the most out of your training. First, actively seek recovery ... Read More »

Yoga more effective for back pain than meds, study finds | Muscle & Fitness

Numerous types of people from bodybuilders to those prone to injuries have found benefits in yoga. A new study published in Holistic Nursing Practice has shown that yoga can help alleviate back pain. Those with both one-time back pain and chronic pain were able to find relief with long-duration yoga to the point where they took less pain meds or ... Read More »

Lifting iron helps prevent brain degeneration, study finds | Men’s Health

A new study has found that weightlifting can protect the parts of the brain affected by Alzheimer‚Äôs disease. Conducted by University of Sydney, the findings showed that six months of heavy lifting resulted in the slowing of neurodegeneration and showed cognitive improvement in people with mild cognitive impairment. These benefits also continued in those who participated in the study despite ... Read More »

Too much protein may increase your risk of heart disease | Muscle and Fitness

The most important nutrient in an athlete’s diet is protein. It’s important to eat enough protein because it helps repair and regrow damaged muscle, as well as helps keep blood, cartilage and bones healthy. Eating excess amounts, however, is doing more harm than good. Sulfur amino acids, a sub-category of amino acids found in protein-rich food, are eaten two-and-a-half times ... Read More »

Work out like a Spartan Race champion | Outside

Obstacle-course races require you to refine your skills in numerous areas such as running, climbing, crawling, swimming, and jumping. Robert Killian, a former Green Beret, won the Spartan Race World Championship in 2015 and has detailed what you need to do to train for a race. Killian prefers to do functional fitness where you use minimal equipment and focus more ... Read More »

Here’s how I built a home gym that grew with my family | Men’s Health

In 2015 C.J. Chivers and his teenage sons drew a plan for the beginning of an outdoor home gym. First came racks that turned into a pullup bar, wallballs, and a climbing rope with a set of rings 16 feet off the ground. Plates, kettlebells, and a tractor tire soon began to follow. While some people playfully teased the family, ... Read More »

How to run your first marathon in 26 steps | CNET

While long distance running is hard and can be unpleasant no matter how long you have done it for, anyone can learn to run a marathon. CNET has created a 26-step list to help beginners run their first marathon. The first step is to commit yourself by doing more than just saying you will run one for your New Year‚Äôs ... Read More »

This Arctic explorer was one tent pole away from death | Outside Online

Colin O’Brady became the first man to cross the Antarctic landmass on his own with no resupplies or help in 2018. O‚ÄôBrady said in his memoir, ‚ÄúThe Impossible First,‚ÄĚ that his first mistake was made after traveling 760 miles over the course of 48 days. After securing his tent, the explorer took off his gloves in order to try to ... Read More »

This 4-movement miniband warmup will prep you for peak performance | Men’s Health

Did you know jogging for 5-10 minutes as a warm-up is not suitable and sufficient enough before a strength training workout? Warming up improperly increases the risk of injury, and it affects your performance. An effective warm-up activates the muscles that you are going to use in your workout. It is also essential to move your body and joints through ... Read More »