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Here’s how I built a home gym that grew with my family | Men’s Health

In 2015 C.J. Chivers and his teenage sons drew a plan for the beginning of an outdoor home gym. First came racks that turned into a pullup bar, wallballs, and a climbing rope with a set of rings 16 feet off the ground. Plates, kettlebells, and a tractor tire soon began to follow. While some people playfully teased the family, ... Read More »

How to run your first marathon in 26 steps | CNET

While long distance running is hard and can be unpleasant no matter how long you have done it for, anyone can learn to run a marathon. CNET has created a 26-step list to help beginners run their first marathon. The first step is to commit yourself by doing more than just saying you will run one for your New Year’s ... Read More »

This Arctic explorer was one tent pole away from death | Outside Online

Colin O’Brady became the first man to cross the Antarctic landmass on his own with no resupplies or help in 2018. O’Brady said in his memoir, “The Impossible First,” that his first mistake was made after traveling 760 miles over the course of 48 days. After securing his tent, the explorer took off his gloves in order to try to ... Read More »

This 4-movement miniband warmup will prep you for peak performance | Men’s Health

Did you know jogging for 5-10 minutes as a warm-up is not suitable and sufficient enough before a strength training workout? Warming up improperly increases the risk of injury, and it affects your performance. An effective warm-up activates the muscles that you are going to use in your workout. It is also essential to move your body and joints through ... Read More »

How to become a faster runner in four minutes | Canadian Running

When many runners train, they focus on running fast with breaks that are little to none, and then running fast again. A writer from Outside Magazine commented that runners may benefit from adding in occasional speed intervals in order to improve time. An easy way to add this to your routine is to perform several accelerations during your run for ... Read More »

Parkinson’s disease may start before birth | Science Daily

A new study is showing that those who develop Parkinson’s disease before the age of 50 may have been born with it. Stem cell research has shown that disordered brain cells could have been undetected in younger patients and could have been present since birth. 10% of those diagnosed fall between the ages of 21 and 50 years old. Researchers ... Read More »

How to get the most out of physical therapy | Outside Online

When a small tweak in your shoulder or knee at the gym may seem like nothing, if you don’t take care of it then the pain only gets worse. Soon, the tweak has turned into an unrelenting, painful injury that you can’t shake. The first thing to focus on when it comes to injuries is to know when to see ... Read More »

An egg a day not tied to risk of heart disease | Science Daily

While eggs are a common food eaten for their essential nutrients, claims have been made that say too much will lead to a greater risk of heart disease. Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences have analyzed several studies that reached the conclusion that a moderate intake of eggs is not unhealthy. Consuming one egg ... Read More »

This Cossack squat tweak will leave your glutes on fire | Men’s Health

Basic squats and lunges are a good start to building strong glutes and hamstrings, however, it is important to challenge them in other ways. Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., the fitness director at Men’s Health, says to move laterally. “Basic squats and lunges have you moving in the same direction you do when you walk straight forward, something called the sagittal plane,” ... Read More »

How to live longer—and better—according to science | Runner’s World

Telling someone to not smoke, watch their alcohol intake, eat well, and exercise in order to be healthy is old news. A study published by BMJ looks into the ‘healthspan’ affected by these habits, meaning how they help you put off chronic diseases and for how long. Information and research gathered since 1980 with almost 80,000 participants was used to ... Read More »