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Now is the perfect time to deload – here’s how | Stew Smith Youtube

This week’s weekly video features Jeff Nichols in addition to Stew Smith and explores what you should do for your fitness regimen during quarantine. While gym closures and social distancing rules may seem to spell the end of your routine, this provides an opportunity to get more creative. Instead of thinking about it as an excuse or defeat, look at ... Read More »

Proper technique on the combat swimmer stroke | Stew Smith

Stew Smith’s YouTube and podcast page contains a series regarding the combat swimmer stroke. Over the course of three videos he explains and demonstrates proper technique and where this method is most commonly seen. The first video gives the background on the stroke and provides basic instruction on proper form. One main point detailed is that athletes new to swimming ... Read More »

Do CBD edibles actually work? | Runner’s World

CBD oil has a long string of alleged benefits, from reducing anxiety/stress to being a sleep aid to helping relax muscles after a workout. With recent laws loosening up on the regulations of CBD in athletic competitions, is it worth the hype? The first thing to consider is that the research on CBD is minimal, it is still too new. ... Read More »

This at-home bodyweight pushup uses dropsets for major gains | Men’s Health

While the pushup is still one of the most commonly used workout moves to build chest and arm strength, after a while it can become dull. If you don’t have access to a gym or weights at home, new pushup-centered techniques using only your bodyweight can be more beneficial than just pushups on their own. The front-supported post pushup dropset ... Read More »

The FBI Fitness Test Workout | Stew Smith

The DEA and the FBI now have the same fitness test, meaning Stew Smith’s section on preparing for the FBI now applies to both careers. Using the actual test and the Cooper’s Standard Fitness Test, numerous articles and books can help you prepare. The articles include instruction on correct form for the test, how the PFT fitness testing day will ... Read More »

What is carb cycling (and should you try it)? | Runner’s World

One of the latest diets and meal plans marketed to help you lose weight and improve your workouts is carb cycling. Carb cycling is when you alternate your carbohydrate intake between high a low over the span of weeks or months. A high day would see someone getting around 60% of their calories from carbs, with a low day only ... Read More »

Set a performance starting line – not a timeline… | Stew Smith Youtube

Stew Smith recently received an email from a student who had plans to join the Navy right after high school. While having a plan can be a good idea, being prepared before the journey is an important aspect as well. Instead of just setting up a strict timeline for yourself, set goals on where you begin, where you want to ... Read More »

Law Enforcement / SWAT Fitness Testing Prep Guides | Stew Smith

Those in government law enforcement, the police, and firefighters all have to pass physical fitness tests as well as attend courses. Attending one of these academies or showing up to take your qualifying fitness test without proper preparation is setting yourself up for failure. Many of these often focus on specific muscle groups or workouts, meaning that even if you ... Read More »

What you should know about creatine | Men’s Health

Many dietitians are recommending a supplement of 5,000 milligrams of creatine a day for weightlifters. Creatine will help you improve your workout by providing more fuel and energy for your body, meaning it can help you sprint or lift for longer periods of time. In order to get the amount of creatine required to help you hit long-term goals, you ... Read More »

Tactical Fitness, Tactical Strength, and Tactical Mobility | Stew Smith

A series by Stew Smith has a sole focus on tactical workouts. The Tactical Fitness book uses a test that measures 12 standards of your physical capacity, such as muscle coordination, stamina, and cardiovascular endurance. Tactical Strength is the same book Stew uses for lifting in his program Heroes of Tomorrow. It has a focus on preparing you to carry ... Read More »