The Crossroads of Special Operations

Monday, January 17, 2022


Ammo shortage may last until 2021 | Shooting Illustrated

Vista Outdoor CEO Christopher Metz indicated that the retailers may have to wait until 2021 to be fully stocked in ammo again. “July firearms background checks were another triple-digit month, and we have said many times that ammunition sales typically take multiple months to...

Mossberg 500: Still a strong seller 60 years later | American Rifleman

The Mossberg was rated #5 on the top ten list from GunBroker.com in terms of best pump-action shotguns. The inner structure of the shotgun has served law enforcement and military personnel for a long time even though the outmost...

M1 Garand Rebuilds: History & Markings | American Rifleman

The U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1 saw more production and use by the United States military than many other firearms. The M1 Garand was adopted in 1936 and was largely used until production was ceased in 1957. Over five...

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Latest News

Special Forces Will Simulate An Insurgency On U.S. Soil In Upcoming Unconventional Warfare Exercise | The Drive

Robin Sage, the Army’s annual unconventional warfare exercise is set to kick off at the end of this month...

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