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Thousands of Tricare patients billed 100 times more than premium in glitch | Military.com

Tricare patient at the doctor. Picture for decorative purposes only.

A Tricare online billing glitch has only gotten worse. Previously, Tricare members were unable to switch plans online, and those who had made changes earlier needed to call to see if their plans actually changed. In more recent news, it has been announced that more than 250,000 beneficiaries have been billed up to 100 times their monthly premium. The issue ... Read More »

Economists say a recession is coming: How can 401(k) investors prepare | Market Watch

A person sitting at a table with their laptop displaying stock market.

Seven out of ten economists expect a recession by the end of 2021, according to a survey by the National Association of Business Economics. Those with a 401(k) may feel the need to pull their funds or contribute less when whispers of a recession begin to fly. Everyone begins to wonder if they have saved enough, or if they invested ... Read More »

Six reasons renting can be smarter than buying | Forbes

Picture for decorative purposes of a miniature house model with a set of house keys next to it.

Different situations may be more conducive to renting a home rather than buying one. Home buying is a more recent fad that can have its perks, but has it has many disadvantages. One of the biggest incentives to renting is that the renter doesn’t pay for home repairs. The homeowner is responsible for paying and setting up repairs (unless there ... Read More »

Millennial retirees travel the world instead of buying a house | Fox Business

Young girl taking a picture of a street in a foreign country; most likel a Middle Eastern to Far Eastern country.

Followers of the Financial Independence, Retire Early movement (F.I.R.E. Movement), Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, retired in 2015 and have been traveling the world ever since. Shen, 36, and Leung, 37, spent years saving and investing their money, so they could quit their jobs before the ‘traditional’ retirement age. Together they published ‘Quit Like a Millionaire,’ and run the blog, ... Read More »

What happens if your child doesn’t go to college | Forbes

Picture of college graduates throwing their caps in the air. Picture for decorative purposes only.

A 529 savings plans expert, Brian Boswell, explains the reasoning behind the question “what happens if my kid doesn’t go to college?” Boswell claims the most common motives for a parent to ask this question is because they are concerned that they will be penalized for non-qualified withdrawals from the college savings plans, or they don’t want to take the ... Read More »

What are cash reserves and why you need them to buy a home | Forbes

Most people know it takes the money you have in the bank to buy a home, however, they don’t know how much more they will usually need. Of course you need the down payment and the closing costs; but did you know that the bank looks at how much money you have in cash reserves? It is actually a vital ... Read More »

Laid off at 50 how accidental entrepreneurs can rise and prosper | Market Watch

Among all the reasons to leave work before the age of 60, one is downsizing; and, in fact, ‘half of workers over the age of 50 nationwide are pushed out the door against their own will,’ retiring 10 years before they planned. Experienced people can be of value to some companies and are hired as either consultants or contractors. Retirement ... Read More »

Tips to make required minimum distributions easy and tax penalty free | CNBC

People who are retired or inherited a retirement account are required to take minimum distributions by the end of the year. RMD is the minimum amount of money that people over the age of 70 have to pull from their retirement fund. Starting the paperwork now can help prevent a scramble at the end of December if there is an ... Read More »

Your financial planning calendar for 2020 | Kiplinger

Picture of a monthly calendar and planner. Picture for decorative purposes only.

Month to month budgeting and planning for 2020 will keep you on top of your finances. Mapping out a budget is the first and most important step, despite the boring aspect of it. Critical segments to include, such as retirement and family vacations can prevent confusion and rearranging later on in the year. Throughout the year, plan to review things ... Read More »

Technical problem shuts down Tricare online enrollment in the midst of open season | Military Times

Picture of a military doctor with a child.

A glitch that caused the online method of enrolling and switching Tricare plans is expected to last for the entire open season. Those who made an adjustment online in the first week before the glitch occurred are urged to call Tricare and confirm the changes. Officials warned that they are unsure of how many previous changes were affected before the ... Read More »