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You might be tempted to move to safer 401(k) assets amid coronavirus market swings. What to know before you shift your money | CNBC

401(k) investors have been looking to place their money elsewhere as the market swings due to uncertainty from the coronavirus. Put your thoughts on pause for a minute though before you start switching money around. Kelly O’Donnell, executive vice president at Edelman Financial Engines, and financial experts, are warning people to keep their money where it is. “The balance is ... Read More »

When it’s ok to stop paying student loans | U.S. News

Only around half of those whose student loan repayment obligations began between 2010 and 2012 have made any progress on paying them back. With the average loan payment topping $300 a month, more students are struggling to make their payments from their entry-level job. Those who don’t pay their student loans will see a huge hit to their credit score ... Read More »

Could micro-credentials compete with traditional degrees? | BBC

As the cost of attending college continues to spike, many are asking if it is worth the investment. Some are looking towards a new way of obtaining training that doesn’t involve a six-year plan that ends with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. This is known as micro-credentials, a bite size piece of education rather than a full-blown degree. ... Read More »

I’m 58 and have no retirement savings. Is my financial life ruined, or is there still hope? | USA Today

One man wrote to a USA Today writer, Peter, about his issues regarding retirement savings. He makes $200k a year and is 58 years old but has no retirement savings. A well-executed plan with significant change can solve this, however. Peter believes that in 12 years the maximum amount you can get from social security at age 70 will be ... Read More »

Where to find the lowest college costs by income | US News

Depending on a student’s household income, the average annual cost for college can range from zero to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, Duke University has a sticker price of $78,608 for everything–tuition, fees, room and board, personal expenses, books and supplies. Most students do not end up paying the full cost, the amount varying across families. Having a ... Read More »

3 money lessons I learned from working at a car dealership that most people would be surprised to hear | Business Insider

Car dealerships make most of their money from financing and insurance. When you walk into a dealership, it is best to have already secured financing and insurance, so you don’t have to go through the dealership. 89.6% of new-car sales and 73.2% of used cars sales in 2018 included financing, protection plans, or insurance derived from the dealer. A pre-approved ... Read More »

Long term relationships: 15 vehicles owners hold onto for 15 or more years | Forbes

Car payments should be looked at as an investment, and the last thing someone wants is for their three-year-old vehicle to break down a few months after they pay it off. Using data pulled from iSeeCars, Forbes aimed to find the top 15 cars that owners kept for at least 15 years. All of the top 15 cars, trucks, and ... Read More »

What’s a rent-to-own home and how does the process work? | Forbes

Picture for decorative purposes of a miniature house model with a set of house keys next to it.

Rent-to-own property is a home that you can rent for a certain period of time before you purchase it, and some of your previous rent may go towards the down payment. Unfortunately, this is usually utilized in low markets and in undesirable areas where a tenant will need extra motivation to rent. When looking at a contract, it is not ... Read More »

Got money troubles? Take this major step to ease your financial stress | CNBC

The Financial Health Network study has revealed that only 29% of Americans say they are financially strong and can save, spend, borrow, and plan in a way that is conducive to their lifestyle and allows them to pursue opportunities. Millennials also had an average of $27,900 in debt from credit card bills and student loans. The key to saving more ... Read More »

Recession haven: Is the G fund really a ‘safe’ place? | Federal News Network

For over ten years, Thrift Savings Plan members have not seen a correction of 20% or more. Recent events have led people to wonder if a major correction of 20%-30% is close at hand, and what they should do before it hits. A certified financial planner says the first step is to look at the positive and negative trends with ... Read More »