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Professional Development

How to build and utilize your LinkedIn profile | Sam Havelock

If you’re serious about your job search, simply having an online CV or job seeker profile on a couple job boards isn’t enough to get noticed. Top recruiters and HR managers use LinkedIn as the platform for discovering new talent, and it creates a space for you to build your network. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, then you’re ... Read More »

A breakdown of the most popular job boards and to utilize each one | Sam Havelock

The days of circling job adverts in the newspaper are long gone. Today, job boards act as the most popular platform to search for new opportunities. Rather than reading through the classified ads section that only contained a few local openings, job boards help you reach thousands of employers and recruiters with just a few clicks. While this provides many ... Read More »

Why am I going to interviews but constantly being rejected? | Sam Havelock

You’re landing interviews left and right, but you never actually get the job. For the umpteenth time, your inbox is filled with a string of rejection emails. Now what? First, take a deep breath. Next, dive into what’s keeping you from landing those jobs by asking the right questions. “Why am I not getting hired?” You got your foot in the ... Read More »

Utilizing LinkedIn on your resume | Sam Havelock

What social network has been on the web long before TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is home to more than 600 million professional profiles, and rolling out nearly an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities daily? You guessed right; it’s LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a virtual resume that adds value to the two popular types of resume formats. A job ... Read More »

How to Explain Time Gaps in Your Resume | Sam Havelock

Minding the gap. Even the most effectively written resume will have what we call the “ghost years.” These are gaps in your professional profile, and many job seekers try to avoid mentioning these missing dates. When there are larger gaps in your resume, creating a custom type resume can help fill in the missing years and portray any experience you gained ... Read More »

Rocking out on your resume | Sam Havelock

More than a summary of your qualifications, more than just daily fodder for a hiring manager, the resume is more than just a printed 8.5” x 11” document to the average job seeker. That’s you. A well-written resume is the main attraction in every job application. It’s your past and present written and documented on a piece of paper and it will soon define a very near and likely ... Read More »

The right cover letter will help you land a job at first glance | Sam Havelock

The final portion of this cover letter series will focus on how cover letters provide a lasting impression, good or bad, on the HR manager. Your cover letter should be an addition to your resume that highlights the aspects you don’t want to get lost and depicts your unique story. A solid cover letter needs to pay strong attention to ... Read More »

Cover Letters (Part 2) – Crafting a cover letter for every job you apply for | Sam Havelock

While the internet is filled with tips, tutorials, and templates on how to write the best cover letter, HR managers would likely agree that most cover letters, if not all, are predictable. Evidently, this is a primary reason why most job applications get tossed straight into the bin. Instead of combing through a dozen articles on writing “unique” cover letters, ... Read More »

Cover Letters (Part 1) – How to write a cover letter that stands out from other the template-driven submissions | Sam Havelock

Countless resumes and cover letters roll out for a single job offer, and most of them are dull and based off the same three templates you can find online. When the HR manager spends hours reading though ‘individualized’ cover letters that all sound the same, how do you stand out from the crowd? Your cover letter should be what makes ... Read More »