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This personality trait is enhanced by education | Psy Blob

“We see quite clearly that students’ personalities change when they go to university”, says Jeremy Dean, founder of PsyBlog. Completing a higher education provides us not just knowledge but also experiences where our skills and values shift over time. From a personality test of 575 adolescents, it is found that extraversion and agreeableness are two of the five major aspects of ... Read More »

What is a midlife crisis and how to deal with it | Life Hack

Midlife crisis is a term used by people in their late 40s and early 50s where one faces an existential crisis while others lose their sense of satisfaction in life. One key reason is the changes that have happened in their life like body and health as well as relationships. However, a Midlife crisis is a good signal of call-to-action to find a new meaning in life, such as finding a new hobby, to find a new purpose, or to learn something ... Read More »

I’m a therapist who traded in typical self-care advice for going wave running in the Florida Keys. Here’s why it’s working — and how anyone can put the spirit behind it into practice. | Business Insider

Instead of going the traditional self-care route, Amy Morin decided to step up her routine by scheduling time every day to take her WaveRunner out for a spin on the water. Not everyone has a personal watercraft, but an adrenaline-boosting activity or making time for something fun for you regularly can help clear your mind, improve your mood, and can make you feel better. Scheduling something fun is tougher during the pandemic but it would increase your ... Read More »

Working hard or hardly working? Working from home and boundaries in 2020 | Psych Central

Having the privilege of working from home also carries challenges especially when we are now faced with juggling work and personal tasks. Setting a schedule, limiting distractions, and setting work boundaries are ways we can work productively. There should be a distinction between working hours and “just-being-at-home” hours. To prioritize our mental health, we need to take breaks and recharge for some personal time as well as making ... Read More »

How to Appreciate Life More and Be Grateful | Life Hack

Are you enjoying your life and living to the fullest? If not, Life Hack has listed numerous steps you can take to feel more fulfilled. The most important aspect is remaining grateful and thankful for what you have and the people in your life, even when there are struggles. Giving to others and spending time focusing outside yourself is important ... Read More »

Worker resilience starts with manager empathy. Learn other top insights from technology and HR leaders about leading today’s workforce. | Business Insider

Working from home may be the safest and flexible work arrangement, but this doesn’t mean that employees don’t feel worried about the uncertainty happening. Managers are encouraged to lead with empathy as everyone faces challenging times when jobs and health is at stake. From a recent panel discussion, “Resilience and the Future of Work”, two experts from Dell Technologies brought to the table how businesses can adapt virtually and prepare their people technologically to go remotely as well as ... Read More »

How to choose a protein supplement: Complete or incomplete protein? | Military.com

There are a variety of choices where we can get a source of protein and deciding which is suitable for you takes some thought on your personal dietary needs as well as your performance and weight loss and weight gain goals. Stew Smith recommends a list of protein products and health programs we can start implementing in our diet. Whether you ... Read More »

Impact of the immune system on the brain and mental health | Psych Central

When our body responds to stress it can affect our immune system and mental health. Jon Lieff, the author of The Secret Language of Cells, provides a thorough study of how cellular conversations among immune cells and brain cells affect our mental health. The signals can profoundly affect general cognition and memory and are highly related to depression and pain, as well as responses to stress.  ... Read More »

Adapt workout goals to chronic pain and injury | Breaking Muscle

Sometimes there is no way around chronic pain that stems from an injury, illness, or accident. While pain can interrupt our workout routine and create more barriers to reaching our goals, we can format our workout around the pain. We need to identify our goals, and then determine a new route to get there, even if our pain or injury ... Read More »

What are points and miles worth? | Business Insider

Different credit cards have varying rewards points depending on their affiliated airline and hotel partners, credit card program, and how you’re planning to redeem them. Most airline miles are worth around 1 cent to 2 cents each depending on the program. Hotel points tend to be worth less than other types of rewards currencies while some cash-back credit cards offer rewards as ... Read More »