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A breakdown of the most popular job boards and to utilize each one | Sam Havelock

The days of circling job adverts in the newspaper are long gone. Today, job boards act as the most popular platform to search for new opportunities. Rather than reading through the classified ads section that only contained a few local openings, job boards help you reach thousands of employers and recruiters with just a few clicks. While this provides many ... Read More »

How to motivate yourself to get moving | Military.com

As cliche as it sounds, motivating yourself to start moving takes a lot of energy. But to be able to do so isn’t impossible. Some of the best ways to motivate yourself to get moving include having a group to do something, knowing that you’ll feel better after doing it, and doing what you love. Do not make excuses; just ... Read More »

A successful coach or trainer needs emotional intelligence | Breaking Muscle

Being a coach is much more than the certificates or the diploma that you have. Such a profession calls for Emotional Intelligence or sports psychology to become an effective and successful coach or trainer. This is because Emotional Intelligence builds trust in coaching, and connecting to a social level is different. It makes it easier for you to motivate your ... Read More »

Understand goal-setting theory to make your goal happen | Life Hack

Everyone has goals, be it a personal one or not, making it very important to set clear and well-defined goals. Once you have set your goals, it would be much easier to work for them. Also, goal setting doesn’t only allow you to control where you are headed, but it also gives you a benchmark to know whether you’re coming ... Read More »

The surprising sign of a successful working relationship | Forbes

In research conducted by John Gottman in 1986, it was found out that the secret to long and happy relationships is the same at work and home.  In the study, Gottman invited couples in, hooked them up to electrodes, and asked them some questions. Gottman then labeled the couples as either masters or disasters. Masters are the couples that stayed ... Read More »

3 Ways to make money and build your business without quitting your day job | Entrepreneur

Starting a business is not easy, not when you are torn between starting it and quitting your job. What if you can do both at the same time? Yes, you can actually start a business and work during the day at the same time by franchising. With franchising, you are being connected with established business already, which means that you ... Read More »

When to switch strategy in a crisis | Harvard Business Review

In a crisis, changing your strategy isn’t ideal just because something has changed. You might be tempted to do something, but sometimes, doing so and starting all over again isn’t the smartest thing to do. Think about this: the closer you monitor the world, the higher the chance you’ll be drawn to the noise and not to the signal. And ... Read More »

Courage is not the absence of fear: 3 Lessons from this quote | Develop Good Habits

Courage doesn’t mean you don’t fear anything. Rather this is the drive that pushes you to do it despite the fear you have. It doesn’t eliminate fear at all, but it challenges you to face your fears and convince yourself to not let your fears stop you. In fact, you have to have fear to have courage. Acknowledge your fears ... Read More »

The most effective strategy to resolve conflict at work | Life Hack

At one point or another, you’ll be in an uncomfortable situation at work. These are some of the things that you can’t just avoid, especially when you are either in a highly competitive or unstable workplace. While conflict at work is unavoidable, you can always do something to fix it. You just have to identify the problem, keep an open communication, and resolve it. ... Read More »

Workout of the week: Spec ops leg lift and cardio day | Military.com

Lifting weights is not enough, not when you are trying to be in your best shape. To be able to do so, combining different work out is a big help. One of the best combinations is a strength and endurance work out called spec ops leg. Unlike other workouts, spec ops leg comes with cardio options that you need in ... Read More »