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Should you pay off debt or invest your money? Here’s what you should think about | The Simple Dollar

When making heavy financial decisions, you have to consider first your situation. Will the interest in your investment make better returns than paying off your entire loan? Do you think you have enough emergency funds? Assess your five to ten-year goals on what you would like to prioritize on. Whatever your decision will be, there is no wrong answer to ... Read More »

How to turn your customer base into a community to help your business succeed | Entrepreneur

When there is a place where your customers or clients can connect and help one another, good things can happen not just for your business but for the community as well. Building a group on Facebook, a newsletter, Patreon, or a hosted forum where they can share how they solved a problem in a specific area keeps your customers engaged. ... Read More »

How to monitor remote workers — ethically | MIT Sloan

Work-from-home setup is here to stay, and some companies have invested in surveillance software to monitor their employee’s productivity. Managers should engage the workforce to reach an agreement on which business activities require monitoring. This may sound controlling and authoritarian, but it is best to communicate this with your employees since it involves issues in terms of privacy and security. ... Read More »

How to write a mission statement that empowers your employees | Lifehack

A mission statement brings out the purpose of the business. It gives you an idea of how leaders value what they can offer to their customers and it empowers employees to go in the same direction. Creating the right corporate culture includes writing a mission statement where employees feel they are towards the same goal. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/889478/what-is-a-mission-statement Read More »

Try These Challenge Buddy PT Workouts | Military.com

A buddy workout gives you a sense of accountability that you are both working towards a fitness goal. It pushes you to finish your set because you rely on each other for moral support when the routine gets tough. For these classic workout combinations by Stew Smith, you can do multiple times in a single workout or create a circuit ... Read More »

7 Signs you haven’t found your calling yet | Forbes

At some point in our lives, we find ourselves wondering what our true calling is. Some even felt these during a midlife crisis and they realized it was never too late to act once they dedicated their lives to it. Here are seven signals that may be a sign for you to continue searching for what your true purpose is. ... Read More »

I lied on my resume–Now what? | Inc.com

Workplace and management issues are unavoidable, and one must know how to manage them if it happens in the future. If you are looking for a career and felt that your credentials are not a good fit for your desired applications, lying on your resume is never an option. Even if some employers are not particular about where you graduated, ... Read More »

Picking a pandemic side gig takes hustle | Detroit News

The surge of unemployment leads many people to go for side hustles during the pandemic. When looking for a side gig, make sure that you assess yourself first based on your skills, experience, and interests. Features typically associated with side gigs include flexible schedules and the ability to work from home but remember to prioritize your safety and understand the ... Read More »

Noor Inayat Khan: The forgotten Muslim princess who fought Nazis | Al Jazeera

An Indian princess named Noor Inayat Khan fought for Britain during World War II. She was killed by the Nazis but her contribution to the war came to light after author Shrabani Basu wrote Noor’s biography, Spy Princess, in 2006. A new film, A Call to Spy, shows her moving story and how she exemplified her bravery during the war. ... Read More »

How to prepare for Special Forces and gain a competitive edge | Military.com

An 18-year old aspirant wrote to Stew Smith asking how to prepare when joining the Army.  Stew suggests striving for a military occupational specialty (MOS) that will interest and be useful should one decide to enter the special ops community in a support role. It will give you an edge if you set a higher standard for yourself with your ... Read More »