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Never miss another opportunity | Forbes

Your idea can be the next big thing in solving the world’s problems and the only thing that is hindering you from taking the opportunity is your self-limiting beliefs. We might be listening to our excuses subconsciously and we should learn how to recognize when to start an action.  When exploring opportunities, look for something within the range of your ... Read More »

How to skyrocket your webinar attendance | Forbes

More people are going business online and one way to market your products or services is via Webinars.  Laura Phillips, a launch strategist and founder of Love to Launch, shared four practical tips to keep your head in the game of online entrepreneurship. Learning how consumers behave digitally can be an advantage. You can offer them a strong reason to join by ... Read More »

How to focus on yourself and accomplish your goals in life | Life Hack

We have so many distractions around us that we tend to be overwhelmed and unable to focus on our vision and goals. John Hall, the co-founder of Calendar app, shared advice on how to put yourself first and learn the art of saying “no” to others. Saying “no” is not being selfish because before you can give others your best, ... Read More »

A one-month home gym fitness challenge | Military.com

With a little investment, it may be ideal this pandemic converting your home into a mini gym. As recommended by Stew Smith, a former Navy SEAL, assess yourself for one month on two upper body exercises, two lower body exercises, and two cardio exercises (short sprint or longer events). As most fitness tests in the military are using body weights ... Read More »

3 Ways Google creates a high-performance culture | Entrepreneur

They give their employees three meals a day, massages, and cool spaces to work in. In return, employees perform high and remain loyal to the company. On Glassdoor, a website where employees can rank their employers, they have a 93% approval, which in comparison to other companies is pretty high. Entrepreneur has the ways Google creates a high-performance culture. Source: ... Read More »

One planet living: Designing the future we want | Forbes

Forbes sits down with a climate-crisis expert to interview her on her perspective. She gives thoughtful advice on how everyone can change their life a little to make a better future. She also talks about COVID-19 and how it has impacted her life and how it might affect the planet. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ashoka/2020/08/12/one-planet-living-designing-the-future-we-want/#10ae20c79d25 Read More »

How to stop nagging and communicate with your partner better | Life Hack

However, it might be hard to recover from. Communicating what you need while still being sensitive is a crucial skill people should have when entering a relationship. If you find yourself nagging at your partner often, Life Hack gives tips on how to stop nagging at your partner. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/881773/how-to-stop-nagging Read More »

Ask Stew: When should I train and why? | Military.com

Training in the military is no walk in the park. He suggests the best time to train if you want to be comparable to the military would be to do your workouts in the morning. But if you want to be completely accurate you would also need to do various workouts thought the day. Source: https://www.military.com/military-fitness/ask-stew-when-should-i-train-and-why Read More »

Why successful entrepreneurs need to be calculated risk takers | Forbes

It can be hard to jump into something knowing there is a risk involved. However, according to Forbes, the best and most successful entrepreneurs are those who take calculated risks. Forbes article walks you through what it means to take a calculated risk and how to ensure you are going to get a payoff. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chriscarosa/2020/08/07/why-successful-entrepreneurs-need-to-be-calculated-risk-takers/#73d343cd2f5b Read More »

25 Soft skills you need to be successful in life | Life Hack

But the soft skills you possess will play out while working for them. It is important to develop soft skills as it not only makes you easier to work with but a better person overall. You can apply your soft skills at any type of job. Life hack has important soft skills that are crucial to your success. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/876969/soft-skills-list Read More »