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To hire great employees, use these 3 military special operations strategies | Fox Business

The US military Special Operations came up with an assessment and selection process to identify their best assets. They are dealt with a stressful situation and it will reveal the individual’s true character like perseverance, patience, and determination. Same with business, selecting your people is pushing them out of their comfort zone during an interview and challenging them to answer ... Read More »

Five lessons every organization learned in 2020 | Forbes

The year 2020 has taught many lessons for businesses. The pandemic taught us that crises are inevitable, and it is crucial for companies to have enough liquidity when dealt with these risks. Another lesson organizations learn is how important communication and work culture is when they have to quickly adapt to the changes to keep a business open. By applying ... Read More »

5 Top soft skills to future-proof any career | Find Courses

There is a high demand for people with these top soft skills companies are looking for. It is said that individuals having expertise in interpersonal skills are being sought after in transforming workplaces. The need for these people with finely tuned social, leadership, and emotional skills are high in demand now that businesses are moving to AI for more technical ... Read More »

6 Things you can do to turn your life around in 12 months or less | Medium

2020 is about to end and people look forward to how the next year can things turn around better for them. But we must remember that what we have now is the gift of today. We can still turn our life around even if this pandemic has put our life to a test. Do not let temporary problems crash your ... Read More »

The 85% rule – when giving it your 100% gets you less than 85% | Eugeneyan

Hugh Jackman shared the “85% rule” in his podcast with Tim Ferriss where he observed that giving your 100% to a work gets you less productive compared when you are relaxed. Tim agreed that in most activities, being overly tense works against giving your best performance. Ever feel that you get fewer things done when you are burned out and ... Read More »

There’s no self-improvement without self-compassion | Nick Wignall

Nick Wignall shared how compassion for one’s self is as important to self-improvement. Most people often beat themselves up when they cannot follow through with a goal they want to achieve. They end up quitting because they listened to the harsh inner voice that they are a failure and that their goal is not for them. The best way to ... Read More »

7 hard lessons the most successful people master by age 35 | Business Insider

Decorative image of a successful businessman holding his hands up to the sky with skyscrapers in view.

Going outside of your comfort zone is always difficult at first because we know that we learn life lessons the hard way. Learning is a never-ending process, and we have to acknowledge that challenges will always be there. In this article, they point out the seven lessons that most people who had major success milestones learned before the age of ... Read More »

Lessons on leading through chaos from U.S. Special Forces | Harvard Business Review

US Special Forces who transition from civilian life have a lot to contribute to leading a business because of their experiences. Despite their unique qualifications, it is found that when MVPs of the U.S. military retire, they have long ended up in jobs that undervalue their unique tactical training. Companies must learn that these veterans are experts when it comes ... Read More »

Top 10 reasons why everyone should take self-defense classes | Life Hack

Self-defense classes are for all gender and ages. It gives you a boost of confidence knowing that you can protect yourself from harm. Some classes that you can consider are karate, boxing, and jiu-jitsu. Not only does it give you the ability to strengthen your physical abilities, but also provides benefits for your mental health. It empowers you to develop ... Read More »

Why this is the time to make a career change | Forbes

If COVID-19 has done anything good, it is by giving us the time to recalibrate our values and a time to pause and think about our careers and purpose. The pandemic should not stop you from making a career change and employers are more understanding about it. The benefits of having a career change are that you have more remote ... Read More »