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Ask Stew: How to create your own training group | Military.com

Finding a solid training group can be difficult, especially when you are training for a specific event or a special operations program. Whether you are a civilian, cadet/midshipman or active duty, you want to locate people who train the same way you do and have a similar goals. Once you have compiled your group, work on creating your workout system, ... Read More »

Resetting after a busy season | Michael Hyatt

Sometimes, in the middle of your busy life, everything just feels too much. In such cases, stepping away from everything is okay. Perhaps this is one of the best choices you can make, not just to breathe but to recharge and be able to become productive again. Do not allow anything to stop you from doing things that will help ... Read More »

When you lose your job — and it’s your whole identity | Harvard Business Review

Being deeply engaged and committed to your work is normal. But you shouldn’t allow yourself to make your work your life that you’ll lose your whole identity once you lost your job. Remember, you are more than your job. If you lost it, then most probably a better opportunity is on its way. Keep the faith and keep on working ... Read More »

A former NFL player turned CEO shares the 2 strategies he uses to encourage workers to communicate when they’re struggling with work-life balance | Business Insider

A healthy work-life balance is critical not just for productivity reasons but also for keeping your employees healthy. One of the best ways to do so is to encourage your employees to speak up, especially when they are having a tough time. But how will you make them open up? According to Mike Morini, a former NFL player and CEO ... Read More »

Are you task-oriented or goal-oriented? How to improve both | Live Bold & Bloom

To live with meaning and purpose, you must figure out what you want to accomplish and why. But how will you get there? Ironic, isn’t it? Depending on the situation, success will require you to be either task-oriented or goal-oriented. To be a goal-oriented person is all about focusing on the bigger picture. On the other hand, when you are ... Read More »

The algebra of wealth | Scott Galloway

Getting rich is not easy; it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of perseverance and resilience to have a passive income that is greater than your burn for you to truly make money. There are four keys to becoming wealthy: focus, stoicism, time, and diversification. Focus on what is important. Use your time wisely. Diversify your investments. Be stoic ... Read More »

What business leaders can learn from the Special Forces | Forbes

Business leaders can learn a lot from the armed forces, specifically the Special Operations community. These elite groups are all about esprit de corps, service and sacrifice, confidence, and skill, making them a good example to business leaders in different industries. One of the best lessons that business leaders can learn from Special Forces is that whatever they do, they ... Read More »

A guide to an effective hiring process | Michael Hyatt

Hiring the most suitable employee for the job position is very important for the success of your business. This means that when hiring, you should be as or more prepared than the applicants. Coming prepared means clearly defining what exactly you are looking for, determining who will screen resumes and potential candidates, conducting the initial interview, follow-up interviews, completing final ... Read More »

9 examples of self-awareness throughout your life | Develop Good Habits

Self-awareness is very important as with it, you have a better understanding of yourself. With this you’ll be able to place yourself in the best position possible to maximize your strengths. This will also help you figure out your weakness so that you can work on them. But how will you figure out all these things? There are a lot ... Read More »

What is brand preference and how do you build it? | Forbes

In most cases, all of us have our preferences when it comes to things. What we do is called brand preference, the act of choosing one thing over the other consistently. Brand preference doesn’t happen in an instant but is a long and continuous process of choosing a specific brand over the other choices. This makes it important for businesses ... Read More »