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Can hydration be as simple as listening to our bodies? | Breaking Muscle

We are taught that it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water daily. But how do you know when you are drinking too much or too little water? Eduardo Dolhun, a medical doctor with a particular interest in dehydration, advised that it depends on personal our body needs. Interoceptive signals are our internal cues about how we are feeling. When we reconnect with the ability to listen to what our body is asking and taking a moment ... Read More »

Don’t let your comfort zone become your forever home | Forbes

Growth is uncomfortable but there is no great story that begins with staying in the same place. Going out of our comfort zone is scary but it empowers us to live a life of purpose. If we want to make the best out of our one chance in life, we can start working on these useful tips by Michael Kurland of ... Read More »

Is now the right time to get a mortgage? | The Simple Dollar

The pandemic affected the economy of many countries causing interest rates to reach an all-time low. This is a great opportunity to get a mortgage for your dream home or get refinancing.  If your finances are in good shape, it is best to work on applying for a loan now. But if you are struggling financially or you have lost income because ... Read More »

Ask Stew: Improving Weighted Pull-Ups | Military.com

Improving your strength and endurance requires techniques where you can incorporate weighted pull-ups in preparation for a PT test. Stew Smith suggests the ‘pull-up push’ where it requires you daily pull-ups for ten straight days then a three days’ rest and recovery. You will see results on the 14th day where you can increase your normal weekly volume by 200% or more. This will help you quickly add repetitions to pull-up and push-up tests with no additional weight ... Read More »

How to appreciate life more and be grateful | Life Hack

We have so many things to cherish and be grateful for amidst a pandemic. Instead of focusing on what should have happened, we must step back and be mindful to focus on the present. Even if things are not going the way it was planned, it gave us time to reflect and learn to appreciate the little blessings we have. We ... Read More »

Buying a small business? Here’s how to make sure you don’t overpay | Forbes

There are many considerations you must cover before buying a small business. It is recommended to have a business appraiser since business valuations can get quite complicated to help represent you. Calculating the fair market valuation for a small business with an employee needs to cover the sellers’ discretionary earnings (SDE) and factoring in the market multiples for businesses within the ... Read More »

Why you should embrace your competitive personality | Entrepreneur

The real competition in life is being better than yourself yesterday. Comparing yourself to others may motivate you to take action but it will also put pressure and affect your mental health. Embracing your competitive personality in a healthier approach is an asset that would help you achieve what you thought is impossible for you to make things happen. Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/355176 Read More »

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative | Get Rich Slowly

JD Roth shares his experiences on how to gauge net positive or a net negative in our life. Social media, for instance, is either good or bad. It is a useful tool to connect with our loved ones and our customers, but it also increases anxiety and insecurities when engaging with negative comments and different opinions. When rethinking our daily habits, we should consider that the net positives should far outweigh the negatives. Source: https://www.getrichslowly.org/net-negatives/ Read More »

After 18 years as a Navy SEAL, Chad Kuske returned home depressed, anxious and angry. Psilocybin therapy saved him. | Willamette Week

Chad Kuske, a former Navy seal, found out how psilocybin therapy changed his life after years of seeking treatment for PTSD. He admits he is not entirely comfortable being a spokesperson for Oregon’s psilocybin therapy, but this is the only treatment that worked for him. He is continuously undergoing treatments once every three months and has met with 80 veterans who do the same. Source: https://www.wweek.com/culture/2020/09/01/after-18-years-as-a-navy-seal-chad-kuske-returned-home-depressed-anxious-and-angry-psilocybin-therapy-saved-him/   Read More »

What is a mentor and why you should find one for yourself? | Life Hack

Having a mentor is like a having friend who listens and gives the best advice.  We can find mentors in our social media networks as well as engagements in seminars, organizations, and workshops. Mentors can guide your business and relationships because you can learn from their successes and failures too. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/885118/what-is-a-mentor Read More »