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Do this to increase your bench press | Breaking Muscle

Bench press provides adequate upper body strength and muscular endurance. But for beginners and intermediate lifters, they may encounter some issue because the still need to improve their pectorals in their shoulders and triceps or there is a difficulty to rapidly absorb and reserve the direction of the load. It can also be due to poor technique but whichever the ... Read More »

How to invest in startups | Sam Altman

Investing in startups require that you know well the potential of the business you are eyeing for. Sam Altman advice that his criteria when meeting a founder is if he can see himself working for that person and if he can imagine them taking over their industry. Predicting successful founders is a process and you will observe it over time ... Read More »

7 Worksheets for identifying your core values | Develop Good Habits

Our core values shape our guiding principles in life. It influences our decision from our relationships, how we deal with stressful situations, and how we see life. If you are not aware of what your core values are, there is a good chance that you’re working against them. Here are seven worksheet ideas that can help you in knowing yourself ... Read More »

Why should we not stop writing by hand? | Entrepreneur

Our world driven by technology slowly fades the art of writing by hand. Research shows that when we write by hand, we activate three regions of the brain: the visual, motor, and cognitive areas. It also develops our motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Writing by hands is a form of free expression without limits or restrictions. It helps us organize ... Read More »

8 Epic swim workouts for competitive swimmers | Swim Swam

Our legendary swimmers share their swim training for all our aspiring competitive swimmers. Jon Urbanchek, David Marsh, Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Lenny Krayzelburg, and Rik Vendt have proven that it takes perseverance, discipline, and endurance to stay consistent in their routine that shaped to where they are today. Apply whichever works best for you and learn from the best. Source: ... Read More »

The secret to becoming a market leader | Harvard Business Review

Defining your market and focusing on your target customer is the key to becoming a market leader. It should be well-aligned with your targeted niche in the market and requires an assessment of both client’s needs and your business’s capabilities. The secret to becoming a market leader is that you need to find a market demand large enough to support ... Read More »

Action steps for a more purposeful life | Michael Hyatt

Michael and Megan Hyatt shares in this insightful podcast on how to be intentional in doing concrete action steps for a more purposeful life. e purpose is not discovered but is up to us how we cultivate it. People tend to be stuck looking for their purpose when it is actually in front of us waiting to be acknowledged and ... Read More »

Myths and misconceptions about financial independence and early retirement | Get Rich Slowly

Many people consider early retirement and financial independence unattainable, especially at a younger stage of life. One of the most common myths is that you are unable to achieve financial independence (or stability) with children. While achieving this with children will require you to make more money, it is still possible through hard work and proper budgeting/investing. Source: https://www.getrichslowly.org/fire-myths-misconceptions/ Read More »

Cover Letters (Part 1) – How to write a cover letter that stands out from other the template-driven submissions | Sam Havelock

Countless resumes and cover letters roll out for a single job offer, and most of them are dull and based off the same three templates you can find online. When the HR manager spends hours reading though ‘individualized’ cover letters that all sound the same, how do you stand out from the crowd? Your cover letter should be what makes ... Read More »

How to make networking human again | Forbes

The purpose of networking is to make authentic and deep human connections. Networking should be treated with the real desire to know a person and the relationship should be treated more than just a transaction or to close deals. We should look more than just the job title of who we connect with. It all starts with getting to know ... Read More »