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The 4 worst foods to eat before a workout (and what to eat instead) | Live Strong

It¬†is important¬†to eat¬†the right amount of food to give you¬†optimal energy¬†your body needs¬†before¬†working out.¬†Pam¬†Bruzina, Ph.D.,‚ÄĮdirector of nutritional sciences graduate studies at the University of Missouri,¬†shares a list of worst foods to eat¬†that can lead to¬†discomfort or¬†an upset stomach. She¬†recommends¬†carb-rich snacks¬†are the best for your¬†pre-workout intakes¬†like¬†a bagel, a slice of bread,¬†or granola bar 30 to 60 minutes before a workout. Source:¬†https://www.livestrong.com/article/13728352-what-not-to-eat-before-workout/ Read More »

The surprising traits of good remote leaders | BBC Worklife

A‚ÄĮstudy published in the Journal of Business and Psychology found out that workers who are organized, dependable, and productive take the lead of the pack virtually.¬†As companies transition to remote working, leaders¬†who plan and communicate¬†well with peers,¬†who are willing to give a helping hand to¬†teammates and¬†knows¬†how to get things¬†done¬†are the emerging leaders. These leaders were goal-focused, productive, dependable,¬†and helpful. Source:¬†https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200827-why-in-person-leaders-may-not-be-the-best-virtual-ones Read More »

Homeowners overlook near-record mortgage rates, looming fee | MoneyWise

Refinancing application for mortgages¬†is¬†down despite the attractive low-interest rates.¬†Homeowners who have a¬†credit score of¬†720 or better¬†may¬†gain big savings from refinancing. You may be missing out on opportunities to cut your monthly mortgage payments by almost $290 a month on average. It should be noted that a¬†new refinance¬†fee would take effect¬†its return shortly¬†and¬†MBA warned it would cost the average borrower¬†more since ... Read More »

15 Characteristics of high achievers you need to know | Life Hack

Do you ever wonder how one person can achieve so much¬†with¬†their personal or career goals? High achievers are determined¬†to work on their vision and take it into action. They are self-motivated¬†and persistent even if things¬†do not¬†go according to plan.¬†Here are lists of characteristics¬†of high achievers we can slowly mold¬†within¬†ourselves¬†to¬†achieve success in life. Source:¬†https://www.lifehack.org/884654/high-achievers Read More »

Feeling overwhelmed? Developing this one skill can help | Forbes

Ally Nathaniel, a leadership and EQ consultant,‚ÄĮshares her approach in handling¬†the¬†feeling¬†of being¬†overwhelmed.¬†‚ÄúThe first step in building emotional resilience is creating emotional awareness,‚ÄĚ she says. We have to listen to our feelings and¬†understand our triggers instead of concealing¬†our emotions.¬†Ally suggests¬†having¬†a listening buddy who¬†we¬†can trust.¬†Worrying¬†is an illusion that¬†takes so much energy and time while leading to nowhere. Source:¬†https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanieburns/2020/09/03/feeling-overwhelmed-developing-this-one-skill-can-help/#72e826d87536 Read More »

4 emotional mistakes that may be hurting your career, and how to fix them | Business Insider

Self-awareness is the key to expanding our emotional intelligence.¬†Making impulsive decisions based on what we currently feel¬†can¬†affect our¬†professional life.¬†We have to learn how to embrace¬†any¬†emotions¬†we feel¬†but¬†we also¬†need¬†to¬†learn¬†how¬†to let go.¬†One way is to write¬†down and deliberately list all the potential benefits and risks¬†of our choices.¬†Separating our feelings from the task-at-hand can help you make a more rational decision Source:¬†https://www.businessinsider.com/emotional-mistakes-that-may-be-hurting-your-career-2020-9 Read More »

What is grit and how to develop it for a successful life | Life Hack

‚ÄúGrit is sticking with your future, day in and day out, and not just for the week, not just for the month, but years,‚ÄĚ says Angela Duckworth, the New York bestselling author¬†of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. When faced with failure, gritty people¬†realize that the comeback is always stronger than the setback.¬†All that matters is how¬†we¬†respond to failure ... Read More »

8 Tips for working from home while schooling your kids during coronavirus | The Simple Dollar

Many parents today are anxious about¬†getting everything together¬†as we transition to¬†schooling our kids¬†while working from home¬†during the novel coronavirus.‚ÄĮThe lines between work, school, and life are¬†a¬†blur¬†at home¬†and so we need to find ways¬†to define¬†our schedule, our workspaces,¬†and our chores.¬†Communicating¬†with our family¬†is more¬†valuable¬†now than ever before. Source:¬†https://www.thesimpledollar.com/financial-wellness/working-from-home-with-learning-kids Read More »

Why confident people are also happier people | Life Hack

Plenty of¬†research proves that high self-esteem is linked to happiness. According to Prof. Jonathan Brown,¬†a renowned social psychologist from the University of Washington,¬†confident people have a different mindset when it comes to failure. They see¬†failures only¬†as a temporary setback.¬†Confident people also tend to compare themselves from¬†others,¬†but it‚Äôs driven by a motivation to improve, rather than a desire to prove to ... Read More »

How to protect yourself from COVID-19 financial scams | The Simple Dollar

Scammers¬†are taking advantage of¬†the¬†financial struggles of millions of people¬†during COVID-19. They usually impersonate a trusted organization urgently asking for your personal information because your accounts are compromised.¬†Remember that government agencies will not ask you to disclose any of these over the phone.¬†Know how to protect your data privacy by being vigilant in¬†ensuring you regularly update your password and ensuring¬†you¬†know how ... Read More »