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21 comfort zone challenges to grow as a person | Develop Good Habits

Regardless of how comforting your comfort zone is, staying in there for a long time won’t keep you stuck. This will stop you from growing as a person and achieving greater heights. As early as now, you should start challenging yourself things you never thought you’d do. Do not let your fears eat you and stop you from becoming the ... Read More »

How midsize companies can use data to compete with digital giants | Harvard Business Review

The COVID-19. pandemic has seriously affected mid-size companies and has boosted many digital giants. With this, many mid-size company owners have studied the trend, ending up getting worried that they won’t be able to survive in the post-pandemic period. But the truth is, there’s a high chance that these mid-size businesses can survive by using their readily-available data in figuring ... Read More »

Reduce turnover with a clear vision for your company | Michael Hyatt

To be able to become a successful company, reducing turnover, and keeping top talents is very important. To ensure that your best employees won’t leave your company, a clear and compelling company vision helps. Showing them the bigger picture and including them in your plans can convince them to stay and be with your company. A clear and compelling vision ... Read More »

8 greatest obstacles in life you must overcome to be successful | Life Hack

Life isn’t life without obstacles. Without it, we won’t be challenged to do better and become successful. Yes, to become successful, you must learn how to overcome these obstacles one step at a time. Do not let obstacles stop you from doing what you want or love. Instead, face every obstacle with head help up high and believe you can. ... Read More »

5 ways to COVID-proof your side hustle | Fast Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the unemployment rate all over the world as companies closed down. It has brought serious financial and economic uncertainty, forcing companies to close down or do drastic measures to save it. On the other hand, the pandemic has become an eye-opener for everyone, especially business owners, to expect the worst. It has made them ... Read More »

The critical thing entrepreneurs rarely consider…Until it’s too late | Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur should not just think of how to start a business but should prepare for the worse, too, in case things didn’t go as planned. This is because “finishing” is the last thing that most entrepreneurs think of. In reality, preparing to finish something you have started is very important for you to come up with plans to ... Read More »

How to hack the reward system in your brain and stay motivated | Life Hack

Staying motivated is one of the most challenging parts of personal and professional development. To be able to stay motivated even in tough times, understanding how your brain works is a must. Specifically, do not be afraid to take big leaps, visualize success, do not stress yourself out too much, and look at difficult situations as opportunities to help others ... Read More »

Ask Stew: How to create your own training group | Military.com

Finding a solid training group can be difficult, especially when you are training for a specific event or a special operations program. Whether you are a civilian, cadet/midshipman or active duty, you want to locate people who train the same way you do and have a similar goals. Once you have compiled your group, work on creating your workout system, ... Read More »

Resetting after a busy season | Michael Hyatt

Sometimes, in the middle of your busy life, everything just feels too much. In such cases, stepping away from everything is okay. Perhaps this is one of the best choices you can make, not just to breathe but to recharge and be able to become productive again. Do not allow anything to stop you from doing things that will help ... Read More »

When you lose your job — and it’s your whole identity | Harvard Business Review

Being deeply engaged and committed to your work is normal. But you shouldn’t allow yourself to make your work your life that you’ll lose your whole identity once you lost your job. Remember, you are more than your job. If you lost it, then most probably a better opportunity is on its way. Keep the faith and keep on working ... Read More »