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I used to be addicted to success. Here’s how I discovered my self-worth when the to-do list went away during the pandemic. | Business Insider

Liz Presson is a successful woman as a writer, business owner, and public speaker. When the pandemic hit, her business was affected, and it gave her time to realize her self-worth outside the comfort of her success at work. “I had to find out who I was as a person when the to-do list went away,” she says. Presson shares how she slowly went back and got to know her values and ... Read More »

Everything you need to know about the Type D personality | Live Bold and Bloom

If you have taken a DISC Test, you can have a mix of Type D personality. Type D scores high in both negative affectivity and social inhibition. When you are a Type D, you tend to overthink things, isolate yourself, and stress about worst-case scenarios. However, they are also driven, determined, decisive, and direct. Learning your personality is one step you can take to improve yourself and focus on your strengths. Source:  https://liveboldandbloom.com/10/personality-types/type-d-personality?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+liveboldandbloom%2FcnPm+%28Live+Bold+and+Bloom%29 Read More »

The lazy secret to faster learning | Psy Blog

New research shows that when learning a new skill, short rest periods are as important as the practice itself. A person’s performance actually improves when they take time to rest, not when they are practicing, the scientists found. This study gives evidence that resting may be just as critical to learning as practice. Source: https://www.spring.org.uk/2020/10/secret-to-faster-learning.php Read More »

How to know if your company needs a B2B marketing agency | Entrepreneur

Hiring a B2B marketing agency can be advantageous for your organization. It can help you grow your business by having a different point of view as to where the business can move forward in the long run. It just has to be the right fit at the right time. If you are looking to upscale your company using a third-party agency, here’s what you need to know. Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/357180 Read More »

Adding your own workouts to mandatory PT? Remember these rules | Military.com

If you are working on trainings with a group and you want to add your own workouts into your program, you have to make sure you do not overdo it. You have to avoid back-to-back training days of the same muscle groups to prevent you from having injuries. Stew Smith suggests rules to help you maneuver through this routine while preparing for a special operations selection course. Source: https://www.military.com/military-fitness/adding-your-own-workouts-mandatory-pt-remember-these-rules Read More »

21 Children’s books to teach the growth mindset | Develop Good Habits

Parents want to ensure that they prepare their children when they face the world. At a young age, we can start developing kids to strengthen their resilience to cope and overcome the challenges they will face. One way to bond and teach them is through children books with stories that encourage a growth mindset. Source: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/growth-mindset-books-children/ Read More »

How to get promoted when working from home | BBC News

In this time of pandemic where you want to level up your career but you can’t show to your boss your willingness to be promoted, the way we communicate to our team and managers can be a medium to prove and show your capability. Always put your ideas forward to make things easier for the company to adapt. Being promoted ... Read More »

We all have 168 hours in a week. Here’s how to budget that time more effectively, according to a Kellogg professor of leadership. | Business Insider

Henry Kramer, the former CEO of Baxter International, shares his ideas on how to make the most out of every day given to us. We are all given 168 hours a week and using time wisely requires us to self-reflect and match our values with the activities we choose to do. Kramer also mentions that you need to find a ... Read More »

7 Best outdoor security cameras for better home security | Life Hack

Home security is one of the top priorities of each family. Having an outdoor security camera is like having a guard in front of your door for your protection. There are a lot of things to consider when buying like its battery usage, mobile application, and night vision capability. Here are the recommended outdoor security cameras to watch out for. ... Read More »

The ultimate guide to starting a side hustle part 3: Managing your time | Forbes

Doing a side hustle can be daunting especially when it comes to time management. It is important to communicate well with your family about your schedule so you can involve them in the process and define what your new normal might look like. Setting clear boundaries when clients can contact you as well as setting a strict division of schedule ... Read More »