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Ask Stew: Training cycle length | Military.com

When training as an athlete or for the military, you will realize that you have certain strengths and weaknesses in some areas. Stew Smith, a former Navy Seal and fitness trainer, recommends the best approach to maximize your training duration to become a well-rounded athlete which they¬†call the tactical athlete.¬†This focuses¬†on being good¬†in¬†every area¬†like strength, endurance,¬†and muscle stamina. Source:¬†https://www.military.com/military-fitness/ask-stew-training-cycle-length Read More »

How to end your dependence on other people | Think Simple Now

Our¬†dependence¬†with our parents, friends, or even partners¬†may sometimes affect our personal growth¬†leading to a toxic relationship. Living a life of independence is not always easy¬†because you¬†are¬†habitually wired to¬†be with them. Alana¬†Mbanz¬†shares her own experience¬†of ending dependence on other people through three general steps: declaration, separation,¬†and reconnection. The more responsibility you take, the more freedom you¬†have to grow¬†and to‚ÄĮlive your life ... Read More »

Dealing with anxiety in the time of COVID-19 | Psych Central

Psych Central Podcast invited Dr. Jasleen¬†Chhatwal¬†to share how to overcome anxiety¬†at¬†this time of¬†the¬†pandemic.¬†One culprit¬†why mental health has raised so many cases of anxiety disorder¬†is that many of our coping mechanisms when we feel worried or stressed was taken away from us, like going to the gym or hanging out with friends.¬†Dr.¬†Chhatwal¬†explains that feeling anxious is normal because it is¬†our¬†biological response ... Read More »

This astronaut relies on two exercises to build muscle to survive in space | Men’s Health

Former Navy Seal and Harvard med school grad Jonny Kim is on a mission for his potential first travel to space. Healthy adults in space can lose up to 20 percent of their muscle mass in five to 11 days so he needs to ensure to have adequate physical and mental training before his takeoff. His go-to exercise to build ... Read More »

Digging for gold: Identifying your ideal customer | Entrepreneur

The demands of our potential customers are ever-changing, and businesses need to evolve and adapt in their pace. You can market your products or services to your ideal customers if you satisfied a solution to their problem. Ideal customers differ from the rest of the market through demographic, psychographic, and decision-making information. Your branding message needs to convey that you ... Read More »

How to be a better parent: 11 Things to remember | Life Hack

Being a parent is the most fulfilling responsibility especially when your child grows the way you perceived them to be. But you must remember that they will be born with a will of their own that may conflict with yours. Parenting is not something we learn in school; it is through our own experiences. No parents are perfect, but we ... Read More »

This Green Beret had his leg shot off on a ‘cursed’ mission, but that didn’t stop him from becoming an elite sniper | Business Insider

On the night of April 6, 2008,¬†US Army Green Beret Staff Sgt. John Wayne¬†Walding¬†was shot in his¬†leg¬†by the enemy‚Äôs¬†sniper¬†in¬†the battle of¬†Shok¬†Valley, Afghanistan.¬†This life-changing¬†battle left him with no choice to get his legs amputated.¬†He received his Silver Award and Purple Heart for¬†his selfless¬†dedication,¬†but he was most admired for his resilience and grit to not let his leg stop him from serving.¬†Walding¬†went ... Read More »

The activity that reverses brain aging | Psy Blog

New¬†research revealed that a¬†single hour of light physical activity per week is¬†recommended¬†to reduce brain aging by one year.¬†Since the brain tends to shrink with age, larger brain volume is a sign of healthy aging.¬†Aside from preventing diseases, exercise is proven to be beneficial for our mental health.¬†The study included 2,354 people who were involved in the Framingham Heart Study where ... Read More »

Have short attention span? 15 Ways to improve it | Forbes

It is¬†no denying¬†that¬†our modern use of¬†technology¬†has significantly shortened our attention spans.¬†Every¬†distraction we get from¬†the¬†sound of¬†a¬†notification from our social media shifts our attention to our phone¬†when working or even when spending time with family and friends.¬†Our brain is a muscle and if we want to strengthen it, here are 15 ways to help you improve your attention span. Source:¬†https://www.lifehack.org/885119/short-attention-span Read More »

What to do when stress puts you in ‚Äúsurvival mode‚ÄĚ | Knowledge

When we experience physical threats, our body triggers a ‚Äúfight or flight‚ÄĚ stress response. This also¬†applies¬†even in threats to our social environment,¬†especially¬†at studies or¬†work. Tight deadlines, for example, can put¬†external¬†pressures¬†giving you¬†the¬†adrenaline to¬†get¬†things done¬†before due. However, constant stress affects our ability¬†to function optimally.¬†By mapping out a matrix¬†called¬†FASTT triggers, it can help you be¬†aware of¬†your¬†emotional reactions and prepare how¬†you¬†might respond. Source:¬†https://knowledge.insead.edu/blog/insead-blog/what-to-do-when-stress-puts-you-in-survival-mode-15211 Read More »