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Expert advice on career development during the pandemic | Commercial Cafe

Seeking new work in the time of pandemic is not easy as it seems but it is still possible since there are companies with open internships and positions who need your expertise. One must learn how to adapt to technological changes to make a good impression in their online interview as well as their resume. 15 experts from different industries ... Read More »

How to develop big picture thinking and think more clearly | Life Hack

It is in our human nature to decide based on our feelings and emotions. Yet, we still find regretting those decisions later on because we underestimate the bigger picture of the problem. You can be deliberate with making a decision by striving to attain the big picture when careful consideration is called for. As said by Success expert Brian Tracy, ... Read More »

Skip the Home Gym and Be More Fit With Less | Military.com

When it comes to workouts, most people find the pandemic as an excuse to hold on to their fitness goals because the gyms are closed. But with a little creativity, this is an opportunity to make the most of what we have and being more fit by concentrating on a quality workout. Stew Smith lists down ideas you can do ... Read More »

Does debt consolidation hurt my credit? | The Simple Dollar

Debt consolidation is a strategy that allows you to simplify your total loan repayments by merging all your loans into one that can save you money on interest rates and monthly repayments. However, you have to take note that debt consolidation can also harm your credit score. A new loan application will flag on your credit that will temporarily lower ... Read More »

What exactly is thought leadership? | Entrepreneur

A thought leader is said to be someone who is seen as an expert in a specific field and they know how to influence their people to take action and work on a specific goal. Leaders who develop these skills have been shown with higher respect and trust in the workplace. However, there are still key issues of how to ... Read More »

Why gratitude is more important than ever | Michael Hyatt

As we stop and reflect to celebrate Thanksgiving amidst a pandemic, we learn to appreciate much of what we have now and be grateful for the little blessings in front of us. The daily practice of gratitude is not something done overnight as any habits do. We can take a step back and learn from these small acts of gratitude ... Read More »

Podcast: Is telehealth effective? | Psych Central

Telehealth has been here for decades, but it has started booming ever since the global pandemic and social distancing protocols take into effect. Dr. Frank Chen, a psychiatrist, shares his experiences with patients on how effective telehealth in this podcast with PsychCentral. His patients say that they prefer telehealth now rather than wanting to come into the office because of ... Read More »

Ask Stew: The choice of stroke for the Navy swim test | Military.com

Navy PST requires only specific kinds of strokes during the test which includes the elementary sidestroke, the breaststroke, and a modified sidestroke called combat swimmer stroke (CSS). The reason why freestyle stroke is not the first choice is that the mentioned underwater recovery strokes are more efficient and low-profile when done properly. Though, the Navy does allow swimming in freestyle ... Read More »

Make mindfulness a habit | Harvard Business Review

A lot has been said about the importance of mindfulness and how to practice it in our daily routine, yet the hustle and bustle of life seem to take over. Making mindfulness a habit takes time and constant practice. One is to join communities with the same interest as it builds accountability with each other You must commit to a non-negotiable time where ... Read More »

2020: The opportunity of a lifetime | Leading Blog

The year 2020 is not how we expect it to be. Our plans were put on a hold, but this shouldn’t stop us from growing and adapting to the opportunity in front of us. Most companies shifted to a work-from-home setup and this has changed the work culture since. This year is a great chance to reset and cultivate a ... Read More »