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How to Explain Time Gaps in Your Resume | Sam Havelock

Minding the gap. Even the most effectively written resume will have what we call the “ghost years.” These are gaps in your professional profile, and many job seekers try to avoid mentioning these missing dates. When there are larger gaps in your resume, creating a custom type resume can help fill in the missing years and portray any experience you gained ... Read More »

The best ways to digitize old photos, tapes and discs so your memories live on | Wall Street Journal

We all keep priceless photos that we want to look back in time as they are a sentimental memory of our life. There is still hope in restoring and digitizing these old photos, videotapes, and discs. Some apps you can take advantage of is Google Photoscan or Photomyne’s Photo Scan App. It lets you use your smartphone’s camera to capture the photos and even ... Read More »

9 SMART personal financial goals to increase your net worth | Develop Good Habits

Most of our personal goals are somehow interrelated with how we manage our finances. Whether it may be purchasing a new home, retiring early, creating a new business, or traveling more, it all boils down if you stay on top of your finances. Your goal should require you to step outside of your comfort zone, but still attainable. Defining a ... Read More »

A shift in American family values is fueling estrangement | The Atlantic

Over the past century, it has been observed how family values have changed. Joshua Coleman, psychologist and author of When Parents Hurt, shared that he has met with parents who seek help healing the distance and pain with their adult children. Estrangement can occur for many reasons yet divorce appears to heighten the risk. Some adult children do not want ... Read More »

The physiological effects of face masks during workouts | Breaking Muscle

Researchers at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel, have looked into the physiological effects of face masks during exercise. They discovered that masking during aerobic training has minimal and statistically inconsistent impact on heart rate, respiratory rate, breathing, and oxygen saturation in the blood. However, the research does not look at the impact of mask-wearing from a psychological point of ... Read More »

A key mindset to achieve more | Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt observed that people who have achieved success in their life have what it takes to take risks and develop an experimental mindset. People who embrace change and try new ideas experiment with different strategies and open themselves for continuous learning until they find what works best for them. There is nothing wrong with playing safe but there is much more you ... Read More »

The common types of personal loans, explained | The Simple Dollar

Most personal loans are unsecured that do not require collateral to be approved. It can be used for different reasons especially in an emergency or if you plan to settle your debts or are just in need of short-term funds. The thing that borrowers must remember is to manage their loans properly and understand the terms of the agreement before ... Read More »

Good leadership is about asking good questions | Harvard Business Review

Good leadership understands the power of asking good questions. Leaders who are willing to listen and learn from consumers, from their people, have a higher chance of success in innovating their business. Research has shown that expressing vulnerability and asking for help is a strong signal to others that you are trusting, and you’re more likely to be trusted in return. ... Read More »

Go back to fitness basics in 2021 | Military.com

The pandemic has disrupted most gym centers leaving us with no choice to do our exercises at home. If part of your goals for 2021 is to get back in shape and start again, Stew Smith recommends the basic training you can do at the comfort of your home. What is important is you start now and you will eventually ... Read More »

How to pay off credit card debt fast: 7 powerful tips | Life Hack

Paying off debt obligations is one step forward to achieve financial independence.  If you want to pay off your credit card quickly, it requires discipline and proper financial budgeting. You can start with paying above the minimum due and working towards the debt avalanche method. This means that you try to pay off the bill with the highest interest payment ... Read More »