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Four practical interview skills to help you land your dream job | Forbes

The interview is one of the most crucial parts of the hiring process that will determine whether you’ll get the job or not. With this, knowing exactly what to do and what to answer is very important. To be able to ace an interview, you must have clear communication skills, be mindful of your body language, ask questions to clear ... Read More »

Overcome common endurance testing issues with these two workouts | Military.com

Cardio endurance is often one of the most common problems in every fitness test, especially in the military. This makes it crucial to have the technique, pacing, and conditioning skills to overcome any PT test. Two of the best exercises to master such skills include running and swimming. These two exercises help your condition yourself regardless of whether you have ... Read More »

Free yourself from overwork | Michael Hyatt

We have always lived with the belief that if we work harder, we will be rewarded more. And in the hopes of getting more, we tend to overlook the dangers that come with hustling more than we should. The reward might be tempting, but little did we know, overworking isn’t healthy at all in any aspect of our lives. It ... Read More »

10 vital roles for CFOs | CFO

Last year has taught CFO leaders to become agile and innovative leaders that are good at planning and predicting an unpredictable future. It has shown them that their responsibility is much more than the financial basics, but it also includes being a good strategist, a great cross-functional expert, and an impressive data storyteller. In addition, CFO leaders must also be ... Read More »

31 powerful perspective quotes to shift your mindset | Live Bold & Bloom

Your perspective is how you see yourself, others, and the world, making it very important always to have a positive one. A positive perspective creates a happier and easier life, allowing you to enjoy everything to the fullest. Your perspective might be influenced by a lot of internal or external forces, but do not let these forces change just the ... Read More »

How to make the right career choice after 30 and succeed | Life Hack

True to the saying that life begins at 30, there is nothing wrong with taking a 360-degree turn in your career at such an age. Choosing a career at the age of 30 is a lot better since you already exactly know what you want in life. You are at the right age already to choose what is good for ... Read More »

Personal training is a $4 billion industry. Here’s how veterans are cashing in (and you can too) | Military Times

More and more people are becoming conscious of their health in recent years, making the personal training industry a big hit. The industry has also paved the way for the veterans to generate income outside the military. In fact, there are already dedicated schools and courses that train veterans to become personal trainers. Such a course entails three weeks of ... Read More »

Executive learning: You shouldn’t stop at the top | Dice

Most companies focus on executive learning and neglect corporate learning because of the belief that the latter is more critical. The truth is that both executive learning and corporate learning are important for a company’s sustainability and growth. Employees and executives should both grow professionally for the betterment of a certain company. An organization should give the executives and employees ... Read More »

Think again: The power of knowing what you don’t know | Leading Blog

Rethinking isn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world. This makes us feel uneasy and uncertain, but doing so comes with many good things. It allows us to find answers to old problems, release us from what’s keeping us uneasy, deepens our perspective, and so much more. Rethinking also allows us to look for reasons why we might be wrong, ... Read More »

You need to start converting your social media followers now. Here’s how. | Entrepreneur

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life. It has also become a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to create their brand and reach more people. If you are a business owner, this makes it very important to convert your social media followers into customers. After all, they wouldn’t be your followers if they don’t like something ... Read More »