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A new protective suit could be a reality for music events after coronavirus | Far Out Magazine

According to the California Production Club, they might have the suit for music festival goers. The Micrashell suit is a suit equipped with a camera, speakers and even a canister made for vaping and drinking. The suit is designed to protect against viruses and there is no need to social distance. The suits are intended to be sanitized properly after ... Read More »

Lawyers cash in on coronavirus pandemic | DW News

The transportation industry has been severely affected by the decisions to close the borders of some countries. The countries that made these decisions might be met with a lawsuit. Investor State Dispute settlements are being prepared as international law firms get ready to win their cases. ISDS settlements are not made public unless a company choose to publish them. Source: ... Read More »

Sell, stow or dump? Retailers wrestle with mountain of unsold stock | Reuters

From the weeks that have gone on with no shopping and state closures there are still items unbought and apparel stock that needs to be put out. Retailers are now met with the tough decisions on what to do. They could store their stock and wait for next year, but it comes with risk of damage and cost. They could ... Read More »

How to get sleep in uneasy times | NPR News

woman sleeping

The current climate in the world of pandemic, racial inequality disputes, and everyday anxieties are keeping people awake at night. The pandemic caused a disruption of cycles and routine making it harder for people to fall asleep. Psychologist are looking for new ways to help people sleep including 10 min sessions of thought, breathing techniques, and routine schedules. Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/02/865483669/how-to-get-sleep-in-uneasy-times?sc=18&f=1001 Read More »

New survey data reveals that nearly half of patients are forgoing care amid the pandemic | Business Insider

According to a poll by Kaiser Family Foundation, many people opted out of seeking medical care during the COVID-19, and as a result 11% of those people reported that their medical conditions worsened. Although Telehealth care presents itself as an option 45% people reported not seeing a doctor. Many healthcare providers are struggling financially since patient traffic has decreased. It ... Read More »

Plunging solar energy prices spell bright future for clean electricity | DW News

Many countries like the US have used energy that have cost money and have taxed the environment. People are looking for new and innovative ways to slow down climate change. These coal- fueled plants have been proven to be nasty for the environment and replacing them with new solar and wind plants could be cheaper then to continue running them. ... Read More »

We thought too big, Renault says as it axes 15,000 jobs in cost-cutting reboot | Reuters

One company, Renault has had to retract its previous procedures and statements after they called their global ambitions unrealistic. They are now striving for a more sustainable and profitable company rather than being “top of the podium” according to their interim Chief Executive Clotidle Delbos. The company has planned to cut 15k jobs and shrink their overall production. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-renault-france-strategy/we-thought-too-big-renault-says-as-it-axes-15000-jobs-in-cost-cutting-reboot-idUSKBN2350K0 Read More »

Reggie Bush says paying college athletes will ‘destroy some people’ | ESPN

After discussion about student athletes being able to be payed for advertisements and endorsements as long as the school is not being associated with hem or paying them, some famous athletes remain skeptic. In an interview with Playboy, Reggie Bush who is a respected athlete voices his concerns about student athletes being payed and how it can deter them. Source: ... Read More »

Why college savers should stay the course through the coronavirus | Morning Star

Picture for decorative purposes of a jar full of coins tipped over on a table.

As the coronavirus pandemic has affected all areas of the economy and impacted communities, college students faced some of the more unique changes. Many have been sent home and are finishing up their semester online, with some institutions already stating that fall classes will not be conducted on campus. Now, families are concerned about their savings plans, including 529 college ... Read More »

Boeing set to announce significant U.S. job cuts this week: union | Reuters

Boeing 737 Max airplane

Boeing announced to its union workers that they should expect layoffs after last month they cut 10% of their employee’s. This is a domino effect after people have stopped traveling sue to travel restrictions and fears because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have volunteered to take leave but that has not been enough. Many orders from Boeing have been cancelled ... Read More »