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This ‘nerdy’ Special Forces soldier is getting paid to play ‘Call of Duty’ in the US Army | Business Insider

The US Federal Government has an initiative that pays soldiers to collaborate with the Esports community and play video games like Call of Duty while streaming on platforms like Switch. These soldiers train to play the game and then play while people view the highlights of their game. This helps marketing for both the games they play as well as ... Read More »

Russia battles to clean up ‘worst ever’ oil spill in Arctic | The Week

The spill will likely take years to recover from due to the cleanup effort being affected by strong winds. Environmentalist are concerned about the spill’s effects on wildlife. The location of the spill is in the Arctic Ocean which is the main source of freshwater for much of the region. Currently, Russia is investigating into the oil spill and has ... Read More »

Zoom shut down a Chinese dissident’s account after he held a Tiananmen Square Memorial | Vice

Zhuo Fengsuo was trying to create a meeting on zoom to reflect on the lives lost during the Tiananmen Square Massacre that was conducted by the Chinese government. He predicted that using a Chinese service to stream the memorial might run into issues due to strong censorship from the Chinese government, so he used Zoom, a Silicon Valley based company. ... Read More »

How to buy a used rental car and potentially save thousands as companies like Hertz go bankrupt | Business Insider

One of the biggest names in the rental car business, Hertz, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked the travel industry. Many had to cancel their vacation plans leaving Hertz out of revenue. While Hertz is going bankrupt this might provide consumers with a new opportunity to buy used cars at lower prices. Business Insider walks readers ... Read More »

Bell Textron delivers 400th V-22 Osprey tiltroter aircraft | UPI

A plane with special vertical lift off capabilities just was delivered to the Department of Defense. The manufacturer Bell Textron Inc. announced this on Wednesday. The V-22 Osprey was received on June 2nd. According to Col. Mathew Kelley, v-22 Joint Program Office Program manager, this plane continues to be in high demand and helps assist the U.S. and its allies. ... Read More »

We found the 30 best American cities to live in after the pandemic | Business Insider

Polls have shown that after the COVID-19 outbreak many Americans have been thinking about re-locating. COVID-19 has changed the way we think about work with many working from home. As restrictions ease and some business start bringing their employees back into the office, some might now prefer working from home. Business Insider compiled a list of places that have accessibility ... Read More »

NASCAR bans Confederate flags at all races, events | CNN

On Monday NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace asked the organization to ban all Confederate flags for their events. Two days later, NASCAR did just that. “The presence of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry,” commented NASCAR. Wallace stated that the flag ... Read More »

Google Meet switches on jaw-dropping feature to beat Zoom & Microsoft Teams | Forbes

As companies such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams compete to become the most used video calling platform, Google has unveiled a new feature. Google Meet users will now have access to a noise-cancelling feature, something the other platforms do not offer. The update will diminish noise such as keyboard clacking, pets, music, and wind to create a more ... Read More »

The firm that builds the Ford GT just launched a new Special Vehicle Operations Division | R&T

Led by racing engineer genius Larry Holt, Multimatic has revealed a new Special Vehicle Operations Division to expand their role in the niche manufacturing area. This new group will be responsible for new projects such as the Ford GT road car project and all race team operations. Many of their new ventures will involve creating niche parts and specialized developments. ... Read More »

One of the big three rating agencies sees college enrollment down as much as 20% for colleges this fall | Business Insider

Image for decorative purposes of scrabble letters arranged to spell student loans.

The agency predicts that private colleges in the northeast will likely feel the hardest hit their revenue. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Families might also need more financial aid because of job losses and financial restraints. Students and colleges alike are unsure of what college campus life might look like in the fall semester which leaves many ... Read More »