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How to pay for online college | Saving for College

Earning a traditional degree in person can cost an average of $80,000, while achieving the degree online costs almost one third of this at an average of $30,000. While this is still a significant amount of money, there are numerous ways to bring the cost down before resorting to taking out student loans. One aspect many people don’t realize is ... Read More »

Antibody tests for coronavirus can miss the mark | NPR News

Numerous blood tests that claim they detect antibodies for those who have been exposed to the coronavirus have been surging onto the market. While the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t normally set standards for these tests, even the ones that meet informal government standards may not be accurate. It cannot be clear if someone who has antibodies to the coronavirus ... Read More »

America is about to witness the biggest labor movement it’s seen in decades | Medium Marker

In 1945, U.S. workers that totaled around 6 million went on strike that resulted in the shutdown of major companies. These workers demanded more pay and better working conditions, and they ended up receiving an average of 18% increase in wages. Now in today’s society workers in the service industry are being seen as essential as they continue to work ... Read More »

Accenture: ‘Every business will be a health business’ | BBC News

Gianfranco Casati, Accenture’s chief executive for growth markets, has commented on how everyone thought that the future of business was all digital. Now, that idea may have shifted to all business being involved in healthcare. Factories and theme parks may always screen their employees and those entering for a fever. Many companies have also had to hire health experts to ... Read More »

Here’s where you can buy fabric face masks now that support charities | Men’s Health

If you’re confused on whether to mask or not to mask, you’re not alone. It’s a question that’s been on many people’s minds since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, and the topic of some debate. While officials still recommend reserving N95 respirators and surgical masks for the healthcare professionals who need them most, the overall guidance on covering one’s face ... Read More »

Zoom admits calls got ‘mistakenly’ routed through China | Business Insider

Zoom and other video calling platforms have seen a huge jump in usage since the coronavirus has caused everyone to work from home. Now, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has admitted that the company mistakenly routed calls through China that did not have any users in the country. Yuan noted that this happened after the company quickly erected more ways to ... Read More »

More than 1 billion workers face ‘drastic’ hit from virus | Bloomberg

The coronavirus pandemic has already put millions of Americans out of work and millions more have taken pay cuts or put on reduced hours. The International Labor Organization has now announced that it expects over one billion workers worldwide to be majorly affected by the virus. Currently 2.7 workers are believed to be somewhat affected, with around 1.25 being extremely ... Read More »

Make use of time: Complete these 9 projects during quarantine | Global Village Space

While staying home is vital to slowing the spread of the coronavirus, it is important to be productive during these times. You might not be able to start a resolution to go to the gym, but there are numerous projects you can complete from your home. There are also online resources you can use to help accomplish a goal or ... Read More »

You could get 12 weeks of coronavirus-related paid leave under a new law | Business Insider

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act has now been passed and began taking effect April 1st. The new law gives employees at certain companies up to 12 weeks of paid sick leave due to coronavirus illness. This applies to companies with a workforce of less than 500, but those with less than 50 can apply for an exemption. The leave can ... Read More »

Bill Gates just shared a brutal truth very few people are willing to admit. It all goes back to a decision he announced on January 13, 2000 | Inc.

This week, Bill Gates’s biggest announcement was that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will spend billions to quickly build seven manufacturing facilities, so that when vaccines for Covid-19 are identified, they can be mass produced quickly. But, there’s a brutal truth reflected in the Gates plan, which is that the effort will involve knowingly wasting lots and lots of ... Read More »