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New data shows the soaring cost of government contracts | Federal Times

Pentagon spending on federal contracts soared in fiscal year 2018, accounting for about $373 billion of $559 billion in overall contracting spend from federal agencies, according to Bloomberg Government’s 8th annual top 200 contractors report. The spending by the Pentagon is a $40.5 billion increase from the previous fiscal year and over $90 billion rise since FY2015. Total government spending ... Read More »

How Two Stanford Dropouts Built a $2.6 Billion Company In Just Two Years |  Entrepreneur

While most elementary school students spend hours playing in the park with friends, Brazilian wunderkinds Pedro Franceschi and Henrique Dubugras had a different pastime: coding. Pedro was the first to jailbreak the iPhone 3G and the first to build software to make Apple’s Siri virtual assistant speak in Portuguese, while Henrique was just 12 years old when he started coding ... Read More »

From Royal Marine to technology entrepreneur: how UK military veterans are fueling Britain’s booming cyber security industry |  The Telegraph

When we meet in a trendy west London cafe, David Atkinson, the chief executive of one of Britain’s most promising cybersecurity start-ups, has his back to the wall. It’s a habit that is “hammered into you” when being taught surveillance tactics in the military, he says. “All I wanted to be since I was a little boy was just to ... Read More »

The Trust Crisis | Harvard Business Review

Businesses put an awful lot of effort into meeting the diverse needs of their stakeholders — customers, investors, employees, and society at large. But they’re not paying enough attention to one ingredient that’s crucial to productive relationships with those stakeholders: trust. Trust, as defined by organizational scholars, is our willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of others because we ... Read More »

IBM snags AT&T as client in new cloud deal worth ‘billions’ | CNBC

IBM has signed a major cloud deal with AT&T worth “billions” of dollars. The company announced Tuesday that it signed a multiyear agreement with AT&T enabling the carrier to host its business applications on the IBM Cloud. An IBM spokesperson confirmed to CNBC that the multibillion-dollar deal will extend “over several years,” but didn’t specify the exact value of the ... Read More »

Fannie, Freddie and the government: it’s complicated | Rueters

The Trump administration wants to take Fannie and Freddie out of government conservatorship, but doing so will be complicated due to the central role they play in the housing market and the Treasury’s holdings in the two firms. Source: Fannie, Freddie and the government: it’s complicated | Rueters Read More »

Intel stock soars 5% after announcing the $1 billion sale of its smartphone modem business to Apple |  Business Insider

Intel shares rallied more than 5% late Thursday after the company said Apple was buying its smartphone modem chip business for $1 billion. The company also reported second quarter results and a forecast that exceeded Wall Street expectations. Intel said Apple will acquire the majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business, valued at $1 billion. About 2,200 Intel employees will join ... Read More »

DoD’s plan to solve tech gaps: more small businesses |  C4ISRNET

The Department of Defense is awarding 21 small business contracts that could total $7.5 billion. The contracts for Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) — a multiple-award order contract to solve IT engineering and developmental requirements — were awarded through the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), a combat support agency of the Defense Department. The contracts were awarded on an ... Read More »

The great industrial competition: Mergers, acquisitions and geopolitical events fuel revenue | Defense News

For the third straight year, overall defense revenues for the Top 100 defense companies in the world have increased, as defense budgets around the globe continue to climb in what has been dubbed a new era of great power competition. Total fiscal 2018 defense revenues for the Top 100 companies came in at $490 billion, easily eclipsing 2012, the last ... Read More »

How to escape “hyperactive hive mind’ of modern work | BBC

The constant ping of messages that keep us plugged into work chatter might be doing more harm than good. We feel we must respond – it is about work, after all. But always being switched on means we never have the chance to think deeply. And that is a problem for companies that want to get the most out of ... Read More »