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Here’s a running list of countries barring American tourists from entering as the US coronavirus outbreak surges to new heights | Business Insider

In some countries the numbers are starting to decline and borders are starting to open up for travel again. However, coronavirus cases in the United States are rising every single day. Some countries have closed down their borders to citizens from the United States. Business Insider has composed a list of the current places U.S. citizens are barred from. Source: ... Read More »

How a Chinese agent used LinkedIn to hunt for targets | BBC News

Jun Wei Yeo was a Singaporean PhD student who had been invited to give a speech in Beijing in 2015. His doctorate research centered on Chinese foreign policy, and he was soon approached by Chinese companies looking for information regarding the U.S. government and other Asian countries. He has currently plead guilty to being an “illegal agent of a foreign ... Read More »

The CEOs of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are set to testify before Congress in a historic antitrust hearing next week. Here’s what’s at stake for each company. | Business Insider

Numerous tech companies such as Google and Facebook will be asked to defend themselves after smaller companies have claimed that they are monopolies. The hearing will happen Wednesday at noon over a teleconference because of social distancing. All of them are defending different allegations specific to their companies, however it all boils down to antitrust backlash. Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/google-apple-amazon-facebook-antitrust-hearing-congress-what-to-expect-2020-7 Read More »

How do people get rich? 2 case studies | Medium

We can learn from other people’s success in acquiring monetary wealth. These two case studies show how they dealt with their taste of challenges and success. We have heard stories of the millionaire startup founders or bitcoin speculators, but it is not luck as to where they are now but their key to success is their grit and determination. They ... Read More »

How to invest for your kids and teach them to invest themselves | US News

Parents play a vital role in shaping the way their children will view money when they grow up and it is beneficial to set up the right foundation of financial education at a young age. They can consider guiding them in opening a custodial account and develop saving habits. Parents can also start building an education fund, such as a ... Read More »

The mindset you need to succeed at every goal | BBC Worklife

Decorative image of a successful businessman holding his hands up to the sky with skyscrapers in view.

In life, we must learn not just to work hard but to work smart. By building our foundation in our failures, we develop a “strategic mindset” to look at a different angle of finding solutions to our problem. Patricia Chen dedicated to research about metacognition – which is our awareness and understanding of our thought processes. Useful metacognitive strategies include ... Read More »

A Navy SEAL’s guide for reacting and thriving under pressure | Forbes

Brent Gleeson, a former NAVY Seal, has shared his experiences in his book “Embrace the Suck” on how he overcame pressure in the military and connecting it to real “life ambushes”. He shared practical ways to overcome analysis paralysis and taking action by doing the REACT method. This will give you a step-by-step process on survival and how to thrive ... Read More »

Nakhchivan: The world’s most sustainable ‘nation’? | BBC Travel

An unfamiliar landlocked exclave of the former Soviet Union between Armenia, Iran, and Turkey blossoms as one of the most sustainable nations for many reasons. Nakhchivan is relatively unknown to many in the Russian-speaking world. It is popularly known as the “land of prophet Noah” as it is believed to be where he is buried in a towering mausoleum. With ... Read More »

10 things in tech you need to know today | Business Insider

As we transition in the age of technological advancement, companies are adapting continuously to meet the demands of consumers. It is used not only to improve our way of life but it has been beneficial to other businesses such as healthcare, marketing, robotics, and many others. However, we still need to be vigilant especially in protecting our data privacy from ... Read More »

Black Rifle Coffee backs major military toxic exposure research by Hunter Seven with $15,000 grant | Connecting Vets Radio

Toxic exposure research is now being funded by $15,000 more dollars for research by the Black Rifle Coffee company. The Hunter Seven company is receiving money in order to further toxic exposure research. The foundation pairs veterans, scientists, and medical professionals together to help the cause. Source: https://connectingvets.radio.com/articles/black-rifle-coffee-backs-hunterseven-toxic-exposure-research Read More »