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CIA, Special Ops Agents run Dallas nonprofit to investigate online sex trafficking | WFAA

The past decade has seen the growing business of sex trafficking, largely due to the rise of social media and the digital world. Mining through digital information about sex trafficking and pimps, DeliverFund was founded five years ago by former CIA agent, Nic McKinley. Today, Alumni from the CIA, the National Security Agency, U.S. Navy SEALs and U.S. Air Force ... Read More »

Zillow is now buying houses in Los Angeles | Housing Wire

Picture of a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles will now become the 21st and largest market location for Zillow’s real estate purchase program. The online real state giant launched a company program of buying and selling properties close to 20 months ago. If approved and qualified, homeowners could expect to receive a cash offer from Zillow within 48 hours.  Last year, homes in the area took ... Read More »

Sierra Nevada to provide secure mission-critical data communications for MC-130J Special Forces aircraft | Military & Aerospace Electronics

Air Force C-130 flying over the open ocean

The U.S. Air Force has asked Sierra Nevada Corp. to create an installation kit for the MC-130J that would be able to securely send missions critical information. This new kit known as the Airborne Mission Networking system requires multiple installations and other outside communication equipment. Sierra Nevada received a two-year $13.7 million contract for the permanent installation of the systems ... Read More »

More large German companies insolvent in 2019 | DW

A 42% increase of German companies declaring insolvency took place throughout 2019 compared to the prior year. There were 27 companies with over $55 million in unpayable debt, compared to 19 cases in 2018. Numerous sectors have been hit, with the majority falling into construction or retail. Big name companies that filed this year include the airline Germania, sports equipment ... Read More »

The importance of building rapport | The Epoch Times

Two people networking at a table.

Business owners, workers, and networkers have to build rapport in order to achieve maximum success in their career. Rapport is the connection people make off a first impression. Creating interpersonal connections is the key to success in finding investors, getting hired, and selling your product/services. What are known as soft skills is the path to creating these connections. Identifying and ... Read More »

How to get through unexpected layoff—without settling for a job you hate | Business Insider

Man holding a brown, leather briefcase. Picture for decorative purposes only.

An unexpected layoff is exactly that: unexpected. It can happen to anyone due to downsizing, reorganizations, AI replacement, out-souring, re-locations and changes in leadership. Did you notice that list is relatively long, and not one reason was directed towards you? Although some people do get fired or laid off because it was something they deserved, it is still common to ... Read More »

How what’s in our heads changes what’s in the world | The Economist

Picture of a man thinking a big, dark room. Picture for decorative purposes only.

Author Shane Parrish has spoken out about his ideas on how to make the best possible decision. He created Farnam Street, a website that explores the ideas of mental models and how we have to look at a problem through different processes in order to find the best outcome. “Mental models are how we explain the world to ourselves,” commented ... Read More »

10 signs your employees aren’t right fit for their jobs | Inc.

When an employee seems to be disengaged, not be working enough or as they should, it is often easy to blame them for their abilities; however, their abilities is not the only factor in work, but their ‘fit.’ Job hopping has become the norm these days, so it is extremely important for leaders to place the right people in the ... Read More »

DNA test startups are basically scams, just like horoscope readings | Science Alert

DNA testing has become more popular in recent years with companies, such as Ancestry and 23andMe. For these tests, you spit in a vial and send it to the company. In return, you receive a breakdown on where your ancestors came from. Newer startups, however, are claiming to be able to tell much more than just your racial breakdown. One ... Read More »

Google fires four employees for data security violations |Business Insider

Google announced the termination of employment for four employees that were sharing and tracking coworker’s information such as calendar events outside of work. A representative confirmed the memo and the action taken but has declined to comment on the employee’s names or the protests surrounding the terminations. Almost 200 Google employees held a protest at a San Francisco office after ... Read More »