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The former soldier who aims to build a $50bn firm | BBC

Shachar Bialick holding bank cards

The life of an Israeli special forces soldier may seem a million miles away from the world of business, but Shachar says that the three years he served gave him the determination to succeed in his subsequent career as a serial entrepreneur. “It gave me grit and perseverance, which are clear factors for success in business.” Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49635660 Read More »

Your Clients Seek ‘Authentic Leaders,’ Green Beret Vet Tells NAIFA Crowd | Insurance News Net

Silhouette of Navy Seals

Scott Mann taught lessons he learned from his 18 years serving as a Green Beret oto Rooftop Leadership at the NAIFA Performance + Purpose conference.  Humans are “meaning, seeking, emotional, social creatures,” he said, but too often, advisors take the wrong approach to relate to those they serve. Advisors spend a great deal of time being reactionary and transactional, with ... Read More »

He Paid $1.50 an Acre for Barren Texas Land Now Worth $7 Billion | Bloomberg

Oil rig at sunset

Back in 1913, David Fasken paid $1.50 an acre for plains outside Midland to make a fortune raising cattle. Fasken died 16 years later, unaware of the riches below the surface.  Now his heirs are among the 100 families that are the biggest private landowners in the U.S.  In the Fasken portfolio are the 165,000 acres in the Permian, a sedimentary ... Read More »

Three Ways To Enhance Your Firm Using A Flat Company Structure | Forbes

multiple people with their laptops at a table

Many companies operate on hierarchies but there is great value in a flat company structure.  Flat structures can empower up and coming superstars, create a “one team” attitude, and a serving environment. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesrealestatecouncil/2019/09/10/three-ways-to-enhance-your-firm-using-a-flat-company-structure/#1de7771d2f36 Read More »

Google reportedly targeted by states in coming antitrust probe | CNET

Google logo on a phone

Google will be the subject of an antitrust probe being prepared by more than half of the country’s state attorneys general, according to a report Tuesday by The Washington Post. An official announcement could come Monday. The investigation comes as Google and other Silicon Valley giants face increased scrutiny from government officials and regulators. The Justice Department in July announced ... Read More »

The US Army faces struggles working with small businesses | Defense News

military man welding

Small businesses are struggling to meet needs as the Army outreaches to these businesses to find new ways to solve problems.  There are difficulties with communication, trust, and scaling for production. Ultimately, it will come down to the best place to solve these issues and small business may not be the answer. Source: https://www.defensenews.com/smr/defense-news-conference/2019/09/04/the-us-army-faces-struggles-working-with-small-businesses/ Read More »

An Entrepreneur’s Survival Kit For Digital Detoxing And Unplugging From Work | Forbes

multiple people with their laptops at a table

Startup founders usually have trouble unplugging and unwinding.  When entrepreneur D. Sharma realized that his stress was starting to seriously affect his life, he turned to digital detoxing. Interestingly enough, he would take his lessons to create another company: Meditation.live. But digital detoxing and unplugging should not just be for a founder. Leaders and managers need to lead by example. See ... Read More »

Top U.S. CEOs say companies should put social responsibility above profit | Rueters

Businessman walking by glass windows

Corporate America is responsible for providing economic benefits to all, not just its investors, the Business Roundtable group said on Monday. The group’s “statement of corporate purpose” was signed by the heads of more than 180 U.S. companies, including the CEOs of Amazon.com Inc., American Airlines, the largest airline in the world; and JPMorgan Chase & Co., the biggest American ... Read More »

Three Key Themes Of Virtually All Financial Advice | Forbes

As the founder and CEO of a business financing company, giving advice has always been a big part of my job. Financial mistakes can be quite hazardous, so it’s crucial to steer clients in the right direction. An increasing number of fellow finance professionals now use the internet as a platform for sharing their expert opinions, as well. With so ... Read More »

Safety groups want FTC, state probes of Tesla’s Autopilot system–and its marketing efforts | CNBC

Two consumer safety groups are calling for federal and state investigations of Tesla’s semi-autonomous technology in the wake of several fatal crashes linked to the system earlier this year. The investigations could pose a major threat to the California electric vehicle maker, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised a fully autonomous version of his technology, called Autopilot, will be ... Read More »