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Thoughts from the Frontline: Prelude to Crisis | Mauldin Economics

John Mauldin believes the U.S. is pushing itself to a “Great Reset.” A great reset means a world-wide economic do-over. While it certainly isn’t the first choice, he believes we are slowly eliminating our other options. The extreme debt accumulation, political figures, and economic choices are being ignored rather than truly worked on, which is leading us to our demise. ... Read More »

Boeing fires CEO after disastrous year with 737 MAX | arsTechnica

Boeing announced on Monday that the CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, was fired by the board. For this aerospace giant, Muilenburg’s departure caps a disastrous year. Boeing’s new 737 MAX had two deadly crashes; one in late 2018, and the second in March 2019. It was revealed though investigations that the crashes were caused by flaws in the design of ... Read More »

How Tesla proved the haters wrong | arsTechnica

The interior of a brand new Tesla with a giant navigation screen.

For the first time in the company’s history, Tesla’s stock rose above $400, proving doubters wrong. In 2008, Tesla’s finances were precarious, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy until they “narrowly escaped.” In 2010, there was less than 1,000 units of the Roadster, the Model S being years away from coming to market. Since then, people have ... Read More »

Stocks of Boeing and its suppliers fall on reports of 737 MAX production halt | Reuters

The best-selling plane from Boeing was grounded in March following two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people. Now, a suspension on the production of the 737 MAX has caused company stock prices to fall by 4%. Supplying companies also saw a fall in share prices, while GE and Senior Plc both went up. The board of directors ... Read More »

How to choose a small business 401(k) plan | Forbes

Without the right retirement benefits, small businesses cannot compete for talent. We are in a time of record-low unemployment; the right small business 401(k) attracts valuable workers, but it is also not too expensive with fees for the company. Pension or retirement benefits are critical factors in job choice. According to an Accenture study, 68% of workers worldwide base decisions ... Read More »

Here’s how Google has changed throughout the decade, from its quirky campus to its famous ‘moonshots’ | Business Insider

By the end of 2009, Google had released Gmail, Google maps, Android software, and the start of Chrome OS with a stock debut price of $85 per share. This was before the company got hit by a whirlwind of controversies and disputes in recent years. Staged walkouts and protests have occurred, with employees demanding the company hold senior executives accountable ... Read More »

Verizon lays off more Yahoo/AOL employees after another drop in revenue | arsTechnica

A Verizon spokesperson has confirmed the 150-person job cut in the Yahoo/AOL sector following an 800 person lay off in at the beginning of the year. Lower revenue has been cited as the cause, with the company struggling to market their purchased brands against Google and Facebook. A goodwill impairment charge at $4.6 billion has also almost completely wiped out ... Read More »

CIA, Special Ops Agents run Dallas nonprofit to investigate online sex trafficking | WFAA

The past decade has seen the growing business of sex trafficking, largely due to the rise of social media and the digital world. Mining through digital information about sex trafficking and pimps, DeliverFund was founded five years ago by former CIA agent, Nic McKinley. Today, Alumni from the CIA, the National Security Agency, U.S. Navy SEALs and U.S. Air Force ... Read More »

Zillow is now buying houses in Los Angeles | Housing Wire

Picture of a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles will now become the 21st and largest market location for Zillow’s real estate purchase program. The online real state giant launched a company program of buying and selling properties close to 20 months ago. If approved and qualified, homeowners could expect to receive a cash offer from Zillow within 48 hours.  Last year, homes in the area took ... Read More »

Sierra Nevada to provide secure mission-critical data communications for MC-130J Special Forces aircraft | Military & Aerospace Electronics

Air Force C-130 flying over the open ocean

The U.S. Air Force has asked Sierra Nevada Corp. to create an installation kit for the MC-130J that would be able to securely send missions critical information. This new kit known as the Airborne Mission Networking system requires multiple installations and other outside communication equipment. Sierra Nevada received a two-year $13.7 million contract for the permanent installation of the systems ... Read More »