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Apple will pay up to $500 million to settle lawsuit over slowing down older iPhones | CNN

iPhone users are rejoicing as Apple finally admits to slowing down older models when a new one came out. Users believe this was to convince everyone to purchase the newest model, but Apple insists that the software updates were designed to slow down the phones in order to preserve their lithium-ion batteries. “Sure…” consumers have responded. Following court fees and ... Read More »

Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, dies at 84 | NBC News

Jack Welch was a chemical engineer for General Electric in the 1960s. In 1981 he became the youngest GE CEO to date at the age of 45. Under his power, GE grew to a market value of $500 million, with many calling his leadership abrasive but necessary. Within just a few years billions of dollars had been made or saved ... Read More »

Should I cancel my trip because of Coronavirus? | Forbes

One American, Mary Ann Hanna, has already canceled part of a trip to Europe in light of the coronavirus. “I had wanted to go to Verona, Italy, for a few days,” she commented. “We canceled yesterday in light of the outbreak in Italy as well as anticipated difficulties getting there.” Many others are asking if their travel plans are safe ... Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover is flying parts out of China to keep its European factories open | CNN Business

Auto parts made in China are now being flown into Europe as the Coronavirus sweeps through factories and puts a hold on production. Even though flying these parts is more expensive, Jaguar Land Rover says it is currently necessary to keep the factories in Europe open. Other car manufacturers are also experiencing similar issues, especially if the parts no longer ... Read More »

15 culture-building tips for an all-remote team | Forbes

Remote work and positions promote flexibility and can help boost productivity. However, remaining connected with your team and displaying a united front becomes more difficult when your coworkers are not in the same building. A group of Forbes Coaches Council members have compiled a list of their top strategies to stay in touch and increase communication between team members. Keeping ... Read More »

Amazon wins court order to suspend $10 billion U.S. military contract with Microsoft | DW

A U.S. judge granted Amazon’s request for a preliminary injunction to pause the $10 billion U.S. military contract with Microsoft. Amazon said earlier in reports that they were seeking to depose President Trump and Defense Secretary Mark Esper to provide testimony in the case. The contract would fund JEDI, a cloud computing deal that stores and processes classified data. In ... Read More »

Equifax breach was the work of Chinese state hackers, DOJ says | arsTechnica

Wang Qian, Xu Ke, Liu Lei, and Wu Zhiyong from the Chinese Army’s 54th Research Institute are facing nine charges including wire fraud, computer fraud, and economic espionage. The Justice Department is charging them for their involvement in a data breach hack into Equifax back in 2017. Data pertaining to over 150 million Americans was accessed over the course of ... Read More »

Amazon wants to question Trump over losing $10B contract bid | VOA

A $10 billion military contract was awarded to Microsoft over Amazon this October. Amazon now wants to President Trump to submit to questioning related to their loss. The company has claimed that Trump’s interference and bias against the company is the reason for their loss. However, when asked for facts and proof Amazon stated that only Trump could speak to ... Read More »

Business owned by 19-year-old awarded $2.1 million contract | Times Virginian

Colonial Systems LLC is run by a 19-year-old entrepreneur who was just awarded a contract for $2.1 million by the United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command. A five-year contract, the company will provide videography and photography for MARSOC advertisements. Most of the ads will be shown in movie theater previews. Source: http://www.timesvirginian.com/news/article Read More »

Casper prices its IPO at $12 a share, giving it a valuation of $490 million, confirming that it’s no longer a unicorn | Business Insider

Casper revealed their market stock price last week to be $12 per share. This gives the company a market capitalization of $490 million, less than half of what investors believed the company to be worth. The last venture funding round that took place a year ago valued the startup company at $1.1 billion. Casper originally stated their IPO would go ... Read More »