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Go Ahead, Change Your Mind! | Willmington Biz

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Many agree that listening is a primary responsibility of a leader and a tool, when honed, can produce effective results. But there is a closely related responsibility that is not as well understood, inclusion, which is the responsibility of a leader to listen and gather information, then open their mind to other people’s well-thought out insights and suggestions. Read more ... Read More »

Knowledge Management in Special Operations | CIO Review

Special forces soldiers

Knowledge management is people, process, and technology at its core.  KM focuses on process more than anything by breaking down requirements from project charters into digestible tasks for developers.  All the risk of failure is in process and engineering. Read more by Brian Gershkoff: https://knowledgemanagement.cioreview.com/cxoinsight/knowledge-management-in-special-operations-nid-30503-cid-132.html   Read More »

Working conditions on digital labour platforms: Opportunities, challenges, and the quest for decent work | Vox

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Web-based digital labour platforms permit the real-time hiring of labour for myriad tasks, from IT programming to graphic design, copywriting or routine clerical tasks. Groups of workers living across multiple time zones offer businesses the possibility of completing projects at any time, day or night. These ‘invisible’ workers are essential for a range of services often portrayed as automated, from ... Read More »

Something Happened in 146 BC That Significantly Affects Your Business Today | Entrepreneur

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The story of the downfall of Rome could inform business owners on the importance of competition. In 146 BC, Rome was the dominant power and went into war with its greatest rival, Carthage. After it ruined the city, the Roman Empire became unstoppable and gathered more victories. Eventually, however, without any more enemies to fight the leaders began to turn ... Read More »

How Manufacturers Are Hiring The ‘New-Collar’ Workers of Tomorrow, Today | Forbes

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4.6 million manufacturing jobs are expected to open in the US within the next decade, but they will require highly skilled technicians meaning more than half will go unfilled. The jobs of the next generation take more than repetitive tasks, but people who can oversee sophisticated production environments. The workforce is transforming from splitting white-collar and blue-collar workers to an ... Read More »

Businessman indicted in $510 million Tricare fraud scheme | Military Times

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The U.S. Department of Justice announced that 52-year-old Wade Ashley Walters of Hattiesburg has been charged in one of the nation’s largest health care investigations involving fraudulent prescriptions. People insured by TRICARE were targeted, which covers military members, their families, retirees and some National Guard members and reservists.  The fraud led to TRICARE and other health care benefit programs reimbursing various ... Read More »

Why this investor took a $28 million gamble on a serial failed entrepreneur | CNBC

Altos Ventures invested in an app developed by an entrepreneur who failed eight businesses and faced a lawsuit. After meeting with Seunggun Lee, the developer of the app Toss, the managing director of Altos Ventures saw an opportunity to bring the money transfer trend to Korea and believed Lee was the man for the job. Knowing he was not the ... Read More »

How Experts Use Content to Create Brand Authority and Increased Sales | Entrepreneur

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Over 4 billion people use the internet today, and countless companies have made advances to get the attention of those users through advertisements and messages. In order to market using content in an effective way, experts recommend storytelling instead of constantly throwing out company details that the audience does not care about. Using eye-catching visuals and creating relatable content for ... Read More »

SoftBank mulls bringing 40 companies to Brazil | Reuters

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SoftBank Group Corp, a Japanese internet service company, is making plans to expand by opening 40 companies to Brazil. The Corporation is expecting to announce a large investment in Brazil soon as part of a series of multimillion-dollar investments worldwide. SoftBank believes it can add opportunities to several facets in Brazil. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-softbank/softbank-mulls-bringing-40-companies-to-brazil-idUSKBN1W52G2 Read More »

Cybersecurity: Linchpin of the digital enterprise | McKinsey & Company

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Two consistent and related themes in enterprise technology have emerged in recent years, both involving rapid and dramatic change. One is the rise of the digital enterprise across sectors and internationally. The second is the need for IT to react quickly and develop innovations aggressively to meet the enterprise’s digital aspirations. If cybersecurity teams are to avoid becoming barriers to ... Read More »