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Sticker shock: Is an elite college worth the price if it’s online? Or at all? | USA Today

COVID-19 made everyone change the way they view education. According to Fredrick M Hess, director of education policy studies at American Enterprise Institute, attending a school with a hefty price tag known for their culture might not be the best option. He discusses the promises from many colleges of campus environment, academic instruction, and brand, and how these just might ... Read More »

Founded by team of Special Ops Marine Raiders, the Helmand Valley Growers company announced Launch | Yorkpedia

A group of United States Special Operation Marine Raiders helped start a brand “Helmand Valley Growers” to use cannabis products to combat struggles veterans face. The company works with Israeli based research firm Niamedic to find strains that will specifically help symptoms of PTSD. The company also has hopes to promote these products rather than opioids that leave many with ... Read More »

There are fewer Sears and Kmart stores left than you think | Forbes

Currently there are most likely more than 10% less Kmart and Sears stores left than the last time their company reported on the numbers. Also, many Sears stores have not reopened following the coronavirus pandemic in areas where they are allowed to. Some are questioning if these facilities will be shut down for good and what this will mean for ... Read More »

Exclusive: GM plans electric van for business users in bid to pre-empt Tesla | Reuters

General Motor Co. Is going to start making all electric vans for commercial use. This was part of a plan to introduce 20 new all electric vehicles by 2023. These vans are being called “BV-1”. Brands that rely heavily on deliveries are already looking at these vans. They are predicted to hit the market in late 2021. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-autos-electric-vans-exclusive/exclusive-gm-plans-electric-van-for-business-users-in-bid-to-pre-empt-tesla-idUSKBN23B1G1 Read More »

Coronavirus puts global division of labor to the test | DW News

After COVID-19 spread globally many companies had to face just how global supply chains affect them. Globalization has been critiqued by President Donald Trump, ecologists, and people who like to buy U.S based products. However, some companies are having to face the reality that relying on their own countries’ products might imply different costs such as storage and labor. According ... Read More »

US companies are ‘concerned’ about Hong Kong but they’re not planning to exit just yet | CNN Business

A new law being implemented by China would make it hard for those in Hong Kong to speak out against their government. According to a survey interviewing 180 members of American Chamber of Commerce, 80% said they were weary of the new law. However, 70% said they would not take their business out of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a ... Read More »

A new protective suit could be a reality for music events after coronavirus | Far Out Magazine

According to the California Production Club, they might have the suit for music festival goers. The Micrashell suit is a suit equipped with a camera, speakers and even a canister made for vaping and drinking. The suit is designed to protect against viruses and there is no need to social distance. The suits are intended to be sanitized properly after ... Read More »

Lawyers cash in on coronavirus pandemic | DW News

The transportation industry has been severely affected by the decisions to close the borders of some countries. The countries that made these decisions might be met with a lawsuit. Investor State Dispute settlements are being prepared as international law firms get ready to win their cases. ISDS settlements are not made public unless a company choose to publish them. Source: ... Read More »

Sell, stow or dump? Retailers wrestle with mountain of unsold stock | Reuters

From the weeks that have gone on with no shopping and state closures there are still items unbought and apparel stock that needs to be put out. Retailers are now met with the tough decisions on what to do. They could store their stock and wait for next year, but it comes with risk of damage and cost. They could ... Read More »

How to get sleep in uneasy times | NPR News

woman sleeping

The current climate in the world of pandemic, racial inequality disputes, and everyday anxieties are keeping people awake at night. The pandemic caused a disruption of cycles and routine making it harder for people to fall asleep. Psychologist are looking for new ways to help people sleep including 10 min sessions of thought, breathing techniques, and routine schedules. Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/02/865483669/how-to-get-sleep-in-uneasy-times?sc=18&f=1001 Read More »