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Facebook to pay $52m to content moderators over PTSD | BBC News

A class action lawsuit was brought against Facebook by some of its content moderators claiming their job gave them PTSD. Facebook has agreed to pay out $52 million to the affected workers and is expected to be signed off on later this year. The social media platform uses a combination of human employees and AI to sort through reported content ... Read More »

Ranked: The 10 US Cities Best Positioned To Recover From Coronavirus (And The 10 Worst) | Forbes

While the coronavirus pandemic has spread to all parts of the globe, certain U.S. cities have been hit harder than others. The top 100 metro areas in the U.S. have been examined in order to determine which ones have the best and worst chance of overcoming the coronavirus. Overall the smaller college towns are in the best position to recover, ... Read More »

Disney CEO Bob Chapek talks about plans for reopening Disney World | WESH 2 News

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has commented that he is excited and hopeful for the reopening of Disney World in Florida. The Shanghai Disneyland has reopened first and has been a success so far. The Florida location has been prepping for an open date of May 20th with limitations on capacity and operating hours. Disney Springs in Orlando does not have ... Read More »

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he has restarted California factory | ABC Saint Louis

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that he has restarted a factory in Fremont, California despite it violating the local regulations. “I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me,” he stated on Twitter. The plant normally employs around 10,000 workers, and the parking lots seem to be at ... Read More »

Touring the Veteran Owned and Operated Half Face Blades knife and tool company | KUSI News

Andrew Arrabito spent ten years as a Navy SEAL before starting Half Face Blades. Half Face Blades employs numerous veterans and works to support military personnel and their families. Some of the knives they sell go for over $1,000 due to their intricate designs and craftsmanship. Some of their high-end clients include Ozzy Osbourne and Donald Trump Junior. Half Face ... Read More »

What not to do when you reopen your business | INC News

While states continue to decide when businesses can open and who is allowed to go back to work, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has not yet created overarching regulations. Opening businesses too soon without a plan in place could create more issues than it solves. Travis Vance, a chairman on the coronavirus response task force for Fisher & Phillips ... Read More »

The Amazon VP who quit and called the company ‘chickens—‘ says Google, Comcast, and Huawei got in touch | Business Insider

After Amazon Vice President Tim Bray announced he was quitting, he posted online about his reasoning. Bray has said the company targeted and fired whistleblower employees who called the company out for having poor working conditions in their warehouses during the coronavirus. He has also called the company and this move “chickenshit.” Him quitting and the reason behind it has ... Read More »

A company that creates electric flying cars wants them to be the future of sports, and the first race could happen this year | Business Insider

Alauda, the company that developed the Airspeeder electric flying car, believes the first race could be held this year. The first prototype for the car was released in 2019 and is now in the advanced stages of testing. Pilots from the Air Force have been operating the vehicles, and the newest MK4 model that would be used in races is ... Read More »

Former Green Beret turned Tennessee distiller made wine of out of Skittles while deployed in Kuwait desert | Tennessean

While deployed to Kuwait, Andrew Lang created his own alcoholic drink. He would combine boiling water, melted skittles, and a piece of bread in a bottle and let it ferment. Eventually he would have a bottle of candy with alcohol. Since returning to the civilian world, Lang has perfected the processes used to create alcoholic beverages. He started out with ... Read More »

Boeing will cut 16,000 jobs after posting a massive loss | CNN Business

Around 16,000 Boeing employees will be laid off after the company experienced a loss of $1.7 billion just from the core foundations. With air travel being almost completely diminished and the 737 Max still grounded, the company took a massive loss during the first quarter. Many of the job cuts will come from the commercial plane units. Currently 70,000 employees ... Read More »