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J.C. Penney files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, plans some permanent store closings | USA Today

J.C. Penney has announced they will begin closing some of their stores in hopes of avoiding bankruptcy. The company had been racking up an extreme amount of debt over the past few years before being hit with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. They currently have 845 open stores and have not disclosed how many of them will be closing. ... Read More »

A major gym chain is starting to reopen in the US. Precautions include temperature checks and a 400-page cleaning protocol | Insider News

Life Time has decided to reopen the first of their gyms in Oklahoma City following the Oklahoma coronavirus reopening plans. The U.S. health and fitness chain has commented a big factor in choosing to reopen was based on customer feedback. A survey revealed that over two-thirds of members wanted to return to the gym. In order to combat the coronavirus ... Read More »

Counterfeit masks reaching frontline health workers in US | AP News

An ongoing investigation is currently looking into the sale of counterfeit masks and other health care supplies that are being sold to heath care facilities. Normally luxury items such as electronics and computer software is examined in order to make sure nothing is counterfeit. Now, health care PPE is carefully screen and vetted in order to make sure it reaches ... Read More »

Fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic, remote heart monitoring could become tech’s next big target | STAT News

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, health care companies have been looking for more devices that can be used remotely to help monitor and treat a patient. Now that remote care is safer than in-person, remote heart monitoring tools could see a breakthrough. These devices could be used for a large number of things such as detecting undiagnosed heart abnormalities and ... Read More »

Don’t micromanage your remote small business. In the coronavirus era, lead like a gardener | USA Today

Small business owners are under an incredible amount of stress during the coronavirus pandemic as the economy is shaken, customers are scarce, and money is tight. Everyone is saying to be flexible and adapt to the new normal for business, and while this is true, but your team needs you to be more of a nurturer than a commander. Retired ... Read More »

Is Your Marketing Strategy Based on the Right Data? | Harvard Business Review

Companies and marketers have been pouring money into discovering the new analytics, largely for online uses, amidst the coronavirus. When doing this however it is important to make sure your company is getting the correct information and that it is complete. First, start with the simplest data and go from there so you are not overwhelmed, which leads to data ... Read More »

Location and Work | AVC

As the coronavirus pandemic has led many people with an office job to work from home, eventually it will end. We will develop a vaccine and businesses and schools will be able to reopen. However, some companies have decided that even when society goes back to ‘normal,’ their work situations will not. Twitter has recently announced that even after the ... Read More »

Facebook to pay $52m to content moderators over PTSD | BBC News

A class action lawsuit was brought against Facebook by some of its content moderators claiming their job gave them PTSD. Facebook has agreed to pay out $52 million to the affected workers and is expected to be signed off on later this year. The social media platform uses a combination of human employees and AI to sort through reported content ... Read More »

Ranked: The 10 US Cities Best Positioned To Recover From Coronavirus (And The 10 Worst) | Forbes

While the coronavirus pandemic has spread to all parts of the globe, certain U.S. cities have been hit harder than others. The top 100 metro areas in the U.S. have been examined in order to determine which ones have the best and worst chance of overcoming the coronavirus. Overall the smaller college towns are in the best position to recover, ... Read More »

Disney CEO Bob Chapek talks about plans for reopening Disney World | WESH 2 News

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has commented that he is excited and hopeful for the reopening of Disney World in Florida. The Shanghai Disneyland has reopened first and has been a success so far. The Florida location has been prepping for an open date of May 20th with limitations on capacity and operating hours. Disney Springs in Orlando does not have ... Read More »