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China finally completes its own GPS-like navigation system | The Next Web

China has recently has completed the third phase in their effort to create their own navigation system. They launched satellites that will help track down navigation yesterday completing their system BeiDou. The launch was supposed to happen June 16th but got cancelled due to technical difficulties. China is now working to get international approval from other foreign countries on the ... Read More »

Gold prices spike to highest level in nearly 8 years on coronavirus fears | CNN Business

Gold is normally a safe bet. However, COVID-19 has affected everything including supply and demand, and the surge of cases has caused a domino effect that has affected stocks and trades. Economist are becoming concerned about how countries will recover from COVID-19 not just physically but financially as well. Europe has recently discussed re opening but not welcoming visitors from ... Read More »

South Korea’s Hyundai Motor, LG Chem considering EV battery JV in Indonesia | Reuters

The joint manufacturing plant will be placed in Indonesia, but the investment size and production is yet to be determined. The companies have met with the Indonesian government, but the plan is still in the works and have not been confirmed yet. This would hopefully bring employment to Indonesia and help stimulate the economy. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hyundai-motor-lg-chem-battery/south-koreas-hyundai-motor-lg-chem-considering-ev-battery-jv-in-indonesia-source-idUSKBN23U09F Read More »

Retailers are hiring people to take temperatures and enforce social distancing as the pandemic fundamentally changes what it’s like to work in a store | Business Insider

If you walk into certain stores, you might have to meet someone that takes your temperature and implements social distancing rules and regulations. Some of these employees might have this added to their job description on top of their previous responsibilities and some companies have chosen to hire new people completely. This is providing jobs for people while many continue ... Read More »

US says fraudsters got millions for jewelry, cars from Small-Business Program | VOA News

The government established a loan program to help out small business survive the pandemic as many were forced to shut down. There have been reports of people abusing the program to take out loans to personally buy themselves luxury gifts. Someone in Georgia has been found to use the money to buy themselves a Rolex and a Rolls Royce. The ... Read More »

Time is money: the armchair traders of lockdown | Reuters

One way to do that is day trading. The stock market has been severely affected by the pandemic and Reuters interviewed people who have taken advantage of this. While they are able to dedicate a lot of time now during Corona by working at home, some things will have to change when they go back to work and are not ... Read More »

CrossFit owner fostered sexist company culture, workers say | Boston News

After making comments about the death of George Floyd on Twitter and Zoom, Greg Glassman, chief executive of CrossFit, resigned from his position. Many people who worked there have stated that while they are not surprised at Glassman’s downfall, they are surprised at the reason. Numerous workers and high-profile CrossFit athletes have come forward saying that Glassman would regularly talk ... Read More »

American Airlines seeks $3.5 billion in new financing | Reuters

In order to combat this the company released a plan on Sunday to overcome the damage. The company will sell its shares while also selling convertible senior notes due in 2015. They will use the net proceeds to enhance the availability of assets for the company. According to Reuters, “ American Airlines and Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL.N) said last ... Read More »

Leverage The coming boom For freelancers | Forbes

Upwork, a freelance platform conducted a research effort found that 47% of hiring managers are more likely to hire independent professionals since the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for flexible workers is crucial according to Upwork’s chief economist Adam Ozimek. The survey was online and conducted 2 rounds of data looking at before the COVID-19 pandemic and after. The information can ... Read More »

Three questions parents should ask themselves when planning for retirement | The Street

Picture of college graduates throwing their caps in the air. Picture for decorative purposes only.

Many college students do not know what the next semester will look like and children do not know when they will go back to school. It is hard to look at the future of retirement, especially for people who have children and parents who are dependent on them. Retirement Daily wrote about how those planning for retirement should think about ... Read More »