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The long bumpy road from NAFTA to USMCA | Reuters

As COVID-19 causes nations across the globe to go into shut-down mode the economy is feeling the effects and as well as global trade. However, the U.S, Mexico-Canada trade agreement has taken effect starting on Wednesday July 1st, 2020. This will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-usmca-timeline/the-long-bumpy-road-from-nafta-to-usmca-idUSKBN2424EG Read More »

Baseball’s minor leagues cancel 2020 season due to the coronavirus | ESPN

Things as simple as playing baseball are now being postponed or cancelled. Baseballs minor league has called off their 2020 season due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The league consists of 160 teams and calling off this season will cause major economic problems for the organization as most of their money comes from broadcasting and ticketing sales. They are at risk ... Read More »

How Different Personality Types Cope with an Always-On Culture | Harvard Business Review

New technology has made it harder to turn off work mode and be able to come home as a place as refuge. The demands of the generation of smart phones and computers requires for people to constantly be in reach of communication and many struggle with turning off. This might affect different personalities differently; the Harvard Business Review took a ... Read More »

Americans will remain barred from European travel as the EU gradually reopens its borders | CNBC

a circle with a slash over an airplane to show no traveling

The U.S. currently accounts for a quarter of all confirmed cases. As a result, travel plans for Americans might be called off due to travel restrictions coming from the EU. Many European countries will be opening up their borders but not to anyone coming from the U.S because of rising cases in the country. The decision was made Tuesday; however, ... Read More »

India bans TikTok, WeChat, other Chinese apps over ‘security’ concerns | DW News

As a result, India has retaliated by taking the popular Chinese owned app TikTok off the market and banned other Chinese apps over security concerns. The decision was made with help from The Ministry of Information Technology. The apps were deemed a national threat due to China’s access to data from these apps. Source: https://www.dw.com/en/india-bans-tiktok-wechat-other-chinese-apps-over-security-concerns/a-53986586 Read More »

Wirecard’s collapse reveals cracks at the heart of Germany, Inc | CNN Business

COVID-19 has affected Germans businesses as it has brought attention to fraud and unsafe working conditions. One of the companies under scrutiny is a finance business called Wirecard. The business is accused of a $2 billion wire fraud. Journalist and whistleblowers have been analyzing this company for a while, but only recently have the public taken note. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/27/tech/wirecard-germany/index.html Read More »

Boeing set for critical 737 Max flight tests | BBC News

The 737 might be able to redeem itself when Boeing starts conducting safety tests on them with plans to have the planes in the sky again. Consumers trust in the business might be hard to earn back after two crashes in a 5-month period occurred, killing over 350 passengers. While Boeing is going to start conducting tests on Monday, the ... Read More »

Restaurant menus are getting smaller. Here’s what some big chains are dropping | CNN Business

As restaurants start opening up their doors and seating areas to customers, the menus have changed. Many menus are becoming smaller in an effort to minimize costs, offer simple dishes at a time where there might be limited staff, and make it easier for training new employees. One popular restaurant changed their 12-page menu to a 2-page disposable menu, and ... Read More »

Pandemic leads to a bicycle boom, and shortage, around world | AP News

Bicycle Shoppes all over are feeling the positive effects from COVID-19 as their sales have gone up and have experienced the biggest spike since the oil crisis in the 1970’s. People are trading in their ride on public transit for riding around on their bike. Many families have invested in bikes as entertainment during state shutdowns. Some countries like Romania ... Read More »

Apple, other U.S. goods from China held up at Indian ports – sources | Reuters

Products made in China are being held at Indian ports to retaliate against China. Some of these products include Apple products, Cisco, and Dell. No government ordinance has been issued but they are holding packages back to evaluate and clear them. This also might be an effort to send foreign investors a message about where they are placing their money. ... Read More »