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The billionaire effect | UBS

Decorative image of a successful businessman holding his hands up to the sky with skyscrapers in view.

The Matthew Effect, which states that to those that have much, more will be given is illustrated in the latest billionaire insights analysis conducted by UBS bank. Businesses led by billionaires have outperformed their peers by nearly 2x, which the report indicates is largely due to their smart risk taking, business focus and determination. Source: https://www.ubs.com/global/en/wealth-management/uhnw/billionaires-report.html Read More »

Make ‘Rules of Ranging’ your Rules for Business: Part 6 | The Epoch Times

men sitting at a table with notebooks

Maj. Robert Rogers comprised a set of rules in 1757 designed to act as guidelines for his forces. The “Rules of Ranging“contained a medley of Native American fighting methods and guerilla warfare designed by himself. These new ideas were practically unheard of at the time but are still applicable today and can be used in the professional world. This episode ... Read More »

Microsoft four-day work week ‘boosts productivity’ | BBC News

Office workers taking a break in a cafe, seating area.

During the month of August, Microsoft Japan closed the office every Friday, sending their workers home with a three-day weekend and four-day work week ahead of them. Meetings were also limited to 30 minutes and online interaction was encouraged. Not only did this lead to a 40% increase in productivity and happier employees, but electricity consumption had been reduced by 23% ... Read More »

Ryan Holiday says that embracing true ‘stillness’ is the key to exceptional work performance | Business Insider

Ryan Holiday speaking at TNW Conference in 2013

Serving as the marketing director for American Apparel for five years, Ryan Holiday is also an author and speaker. His works include “Trust Me, I’m Lying,” “Ego Is the Enemy,” and his most recent, “Stillness Is Key.” Holiday recently told Dan Schawbel about his philosophies on life, technology, and how to disconnect from it in order to be a better ... Read More »

Aussie CEOs could learn a thing or two from these Navy SEALs | InvestorDaily

Willink and Babin's book Extreme Ownership, How Navy Seals Lead and Win

Former US Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are heading to Australia to deliver their first international Muster event and these soldiers bring far more than the typical inspirational speaker. Their event is a two-day intensive leadership training course – one that requires an alarm clock and a good pair of running shoes. Willink says leadership is the most important ... Read More »

10 Best career paths for Veterans after leaving the military | Business Insider

man at a desk by a window

Reentering the workforce can be a tough transition for former service members and their families. More than 250,000 military service members transition each year. One of the greatest anxieties is being able to find stable, well-paying work that honors the skills and experiences they’ve gained while serving in the military.  Navy Federal and Hire Heroes USA have teamed up to create ... Read More »

How David Duffield Took 20 Years And Four Startups To Develop The Corporate Culture Behind His Enterprise Software Empire | Forbes

Photo of a computer with software code displayed

When he was 28, David Duffield left IBM to start his own business but says he didn’t implement the skills and foundation he learned until much later into his startups. He is now worth 10.3 billion dollars and is the 14th richest man in U.S. technology. His advice for young entrepreneurs is to learn from a big corporation first before ... Read More »

The 50 Best Places to Work in 2019 | Outside Online

People working in a giant office

Writer Nick Davidson created a list of the 50 best companies to work for in 2019. The list is based factors such as salary, vacation time, perks, and what the current employees say about working for the business. One big thing the companies have in common is the availability to access to outdoors. Some offices were located near hiking trails ... Read More »

7 careers you can resume after 5 or more years out of the workforce | Business Insider

Man buttoning the jacket to his suit, ready for work

Needing to take a break from your career happens. It could be to raise children, go back to school, care for a sick family member, or personal growth. Returning to the workforce after a long break can seem daunting, but with different strategies and the right career, the process can be done easier than expected. Nursing and teaching careers are ... Read More »

Global Stocks Higher After Possible US-China Trade Snag | US News

man looking at stocks

Global stock markets were higher Wednesday after investors were rattled by a snag in a U.S.-Chinese trade truce, as Beijing wants Washington to lift tariffs.  Beijing wants 15% tariffs imposed in September on $125 billion of Chinese imports removed as part of the truce.  There was no sign whether President Donald Trump would agree, which may lead to a breakdown ... Read More »