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What Next?

Not all Military Resumes are worth the same on the Outside, and not all decisions to get out are necessarily the best financial decision.  Let us help you make the best financial choice for you and your family, by looking into your options, without the risk of harming your career.

  • No career decision is tougher than making a decision to leave uniformed/civil service
  • How can you do a realistic cost-benefit-risk analysis without un-biased advice?
  • How much benefit are Career Counselors and Transition Assistance Program courses when the guidance is content everyone receives, and the organizational incentive is to keep you in?
  • You need discrete, private, and un-biased opinion on what your true opportunities are.

⇒ Before you send smoke signals about leaving.

⇒ Sometimes, years before a planned exit due to gathering family issues and your retention contracts.

How do you get help when you aren’t sure yet about leaving?

How do you map out a multi-year strategy that maximizes your civilian opportunities?

SOFX… We Know. We Have Been There. We Can Help You.

 SOFX possesses an in-house team of cross-functional experts formerly from the Special Operations and Intelligence world, and currently in the Business, Civilian Human Resources and Executive Development world.

 Our Team will work privately and discretely to map out a personal career strategy that includes civilian options at a military/civil-service exit.  If your best bet is staying in, or staying in for a while, we will tell you.  If you want to be placed into an opportunity before submitting a resignation, we can help you.

 A baseline cost/benefit assessment which includes a detailed review of your career and one-to-one discussions with Experts on Civilian Corporate placement and / or Entrepreneurial start-ups can be done for a flat fee of $1500. This includes 5 hours of one-to-one civilian option counseling, and a complete “civilianization” of your resume by people with Ivy League credentials and a global industry network.

 Email or Call today to schedule a free, no obligation discussion.  You don’t even have to reveal your name.  As former SOF operators and team members who have both built companies and placed Ivy League executives ourselves, you can trust us to be silent professionals, working for you, with straight-up advice.


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