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Monday, December 5, 2022

Can drinking beer actually be good for your health? | The Jerusalem Post

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According to a recent study, middle-aged women who drink up to two servings of beer each day have stronger bones than those who don’t. Women going through menopause have a propensity to lose bone mass, and beer contains a sizable amount of silica, a crucial element for bones. Men, don’t panic. Drinking beer in moderation will only benefit you because it lowers your risk of developing various heart illnesses by roughly 80%. Beer consumption raises levels of HDL, a type of cholesterol that lowers blood clotting and prevents heart attacks by protecting blood vessels and the heart from atherosclerosis. In the Middle East, beer was first made 6,000 years ago. It’s believed that grain left in storage turned into a mushy batter, which led to the accidental production of the first beers. If we take Ukraine as an example, where beer is sold for only 50 cents, a bottle of beer in Israel typically costs about NIS 26 in a pub.Lager and ale are the two groups into which beers are often categorized based on the type of yeast employed.



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