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Friday, December 9, 2022

British Army seeks new assault rifle for its new special operations brigade | Israel Defense

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The British Army has issued a tender for the purchase of 10,000 assault rifles intended for use by their Special Operations Brigade. The weapons to be purchased will differ from the British Army’s Standard SA80 which is to be phased out in a decade. British special operations currently carry a mixture of Canadian made L119A1/A2 carbines and British L85A2 rifles. The tender issued by the UK Ministry of Defense on July 26th calls for a rifle with a signature reduction system as well as a suitable optic. The selected weapon will likely be of AR-15 pattern as the term “Armalite” is used in the request which also notes the weapon will be standardly configured, not bullpup. These tenders offer insight on Ministry of Defence doctrine and thinking surrounding small arms. Weapons fitting the initial criteria which may be submitted for purchase include the HK416, Colt Canada’s C8, the LWRC IC, SIG Sauer’s MCX or the LMT MARS.

Source: https://www.israeldefense.co.il/en/node/51203


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