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Friday, December 9, 2022

British Army deploys alongside US and Australian partners for future warfare experiment | Gov.UK

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In a series of experimental firsts, allies from the UK, US, and Australia demonstrated the integration of cutting-edge technology with important industry leaders.

Project Convergence 2022 is a conference that looks at how automation, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI) might increase situational awareness on the battlefield by linking sensors and shooters and quickening decision-making. The UK sent 450 soldiers to Fort Irwin in California, where 17 technologies—including long-range weapons, unmanned aerial systems, autonomous fighting vehicles, and next-generation sensors—were demonstrated and tested. The British Army’s new Special Operations Brigade and Ranger Regiment were investigated by the Rangers together with the Special Operations Forces and the US 75th Ranger Regiment. 450 British Army soldiers working with the 20th Armored Combat Brigade Team (20 ABCT) in the UK completed the project with the help of more than 20 engineers and scientists from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. In order to discover accomplishments and address issues for upcoming war fighting, experimentation, science, and research improve data collection and analysis. PC22, which had the support of industry partners, served as a comprehensive display of the way in which the British Army was modernizing.



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