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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Benefits of Barefoot Running That May Inspire You to Ditch Shoes | NEWS 18

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Many fitness experts prefer to run or exercise barefoot because they believe it keeps their posture in check. 

Barefoot running refers to exercising or running without shoes. Running with minimalist shoes as opposed to conventional ones has slightly altered the concept. Many fitness experts choose to run or exercise barefoot because they believe it keeps their posture in check. Some believe it is the key to injury-free running because it is how we should live. Barefoot running promotes freedom of movement and improves foot arch flexion without creating pain or discomfort. 

 Health Benefits of barefoot running. 

1. Burns More Calories 

2. Reduces the risk of plantar fasciitis 

3. Helps with flat feet 

4. Supports a more Natural Gait 

  1. Strengthen the feet and legs



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