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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Be where your feet are | Leading Blog

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We are constantly on the lookout for the next best thing. The issue is that our encounters are usually brief. We miss out on the pleasures of being present. We strive to strike a balance to counteract this. Balance, on the other hand, does not equal excellence. The approach is to make “the most of each time and freeing ourselves of the destructive habit of always looking forward to the next thing,” rather than seeking equilibrium. Finding equilibrium is akin to wishing to be in the center of everything. Being present, attentive, devoted, and diligent at home and at work, on the other hand, is the way to finding success and fulfillment. It’s also crucial to stay present, grounded, and thriving, which you can do by being where your feet are, changing the race, and so much more.

Source: https://www.leadershipnow.com/leadingblog/2021/06/be_where_your_feet_are.html


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