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Friday, December 2, 2022

Battlefield videos show Ukrainian troops’ skills and Russia’s surprisingly ill-trained military, former US special operators say | Business Insider Africa

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How the Ukrainian military has been prevailing against Russian soldiers in Donbas

The Russian military has suffered tens of thousands of fatalities and lost hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles, and planes without achieving any of its key goals. The victory of Ukraine may be credited to the tenacity of its soldiers and leadership, their combat expertise, and the cunning mix of weaponry and training supplied by the United States and Europe.

The footage demonstrates that Russian soldiers lack discipline, have inadequate operational security, and have terrible tactics. Ukrainian troops have shown their ability to deploy mobile anti-tank teams to efficiently destroy Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, and infantry combat vehicles. In the early weeks of the conflict, it was usual to see long columns of Russian soldiers moving in single file through Ukrainian highways.

The proximity of Russian soldiers in convoys makes them obvious targets for artillery barrages and drone strikes. According to former Marine Maj, the Russian military’s “lethargic logistics” and “poor morale” among frontline soldiers and senior commanders contributed to the loss or denial of goals. Fred Galvin. Galvin authored a book on the first Marine Special Operations combat deployment to Afghanistan and how it repelled all assaults. He said that the recent violence in Ukraine exemplifies the notion of “relative dominance.”

Source: https://africa.businessinsider.com/military-and-defense/battlefield-videos-show-ukrainian-troops-skills-and-russias-surprisingly-ill-trained/xcf1y80



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