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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Azov Spec Ops Destroy 7 Russian Ammo Trucks and 2 Security Vehicles In Kharkiv Region | The Florida Star

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According to the UN, the Russian incursion expelled an Azov regiment from Ukraine.

As seen on film, seven Russian munitions trucks and two security cars are destroyed by Azov Special Forces in the Kharkiv area of northeastern Ukraine, close to the Russian border. The Kremlin describes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 as a “special military operation.” The Ukrainian Air Assault Forces Command General Staff claimed that Russia lost around 41,350 men between February 24 and August 3.

The Supreme Court of Russia has deemed the Azov regiment a “terrorist” group, clearing the stage for Moscow to inflict severe jail sentences on Azov members. According to an agreement mediated by Turkey and the United Nations, the first grain ship carrying food from Ukraine arrived at the Bosporus Strait in Turkey from the Black Sea. It is the first of 27 boats to combat the worldwide food crisis.

Source: https://www.thefloridastar.com/articles/azov-spec-ops-destroy-7-russian-ammo-trucks-and-2-security-vehicles-in-kharkiv-region/

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